Foster + Partners Shows Gold Stadium in Qatar


British architecture firm Foster + Partners has unveiled the details of the project of its “golden stadium” Lusail Stadium , which will be built in Qatar for the first 2022 World Cup in the history of the Arab world of the year. The new arena with a capacity of 89 thousand people will become the main and largest stadium of the upcoming world championship.

Lusail Stadium is under construction 15 km north of downtown Doha, where the construction of the new city of Lusail is currently being completed (laid down in 2006). The new settlement has the most important cultural and historical significance for the country, since it was here that the founder of modern Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Muhammad Al Thani, once lived.

It is not surprising that the architecture of the stadium, which will be located in the center of Lusail, is largely the degree is based on the Arabic style and national culture. Outwardly, the building resembles a deep golden bowl filled with sand – these have been created by local craftsmen for centuries. Traditional Arabic lanterns are used for the decor of Lusail Stadium.

The construction of the stadium is scheduled for completion in 2020. After the World Cup, the building will be partially dismantled – the stands will be dismantled and the field will be rebuilt. The stadium itself will become a multifunctional community center: educational institutions, shops, cafes, sports facilities, a health center and much more will be located here.

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