Friedman Benda Gallery builds a surreal dollhouse


A large-scale exhibition opened in New York's Friedman Benda gallery, curated by the editor of Pin-Up magazine Felix Burrichter and architects from Charlap Hyman & amp; Herrero … The concept of the exhibition is simple and ingenious: contemporary conceptual designers were asked to come up with miniature objects that were enlarged to fit into the setting of a huge “doll house” housed in the halls of the gallery. Among the exhibited works are not only objects created specifically for the curators, but also recognized classics of design: Ciro Kuramata sofas, Wendell Castle's table, armchairs by the Campana brothers. “Blow Up is an exhibition about the aesthetics and materiality of scale, and also about how the things that surround us in childhood determine our ideas about taste, home comfort and social norms,” says Felix Burrichter.

< p>The “interior” of the doll house consists of a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, study and nursery. Designing them, the architects from Charlap Hyman & amp; Herrero designed theatrical scenery: watercolor paintings were printed on vinyl paper and pasted onto thick cardboard. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects in the room setting mix, creating a surreal effect: a mirror in an inflated frame hangs over a flat fireplace, a cardboard bucket and a broom are leaning against a real kitchen corner, a bookcase glued to the wall is adjacent to voluminous chairs and armchairs.

Chair by the Campana Brothers , desk by Wendell Castle , lounge by Leon Ransmeier , pink checkerboard painting by Sarah Ortmeyer

Lounge by Leon Ransmeier , phone by Camille Henrot

Couches by Shiro Kuramata , coffee table by Odd Matter , mirror by Misha Kahn

Bench by Kristen Wentrcek & amp; Andrew Zebulon , rug by BNAG , cabinets by Peter Marigold

Cradle by Soft Baroque , onesie by Telfar Clemens , bench by Kristen Wentrcek & amp; Andrew Zebulon

1988 prototype kitchen by Wolfgang Laubersheimer , nose by BNAG , ceramic chicken by Larry Randolph

< p class = "wp-caption-text"> Table by Luca Cipeletti , chairs by Katie Stout , flatware by Chen Chen & amp; Kai

Shiro Kuramata

Woody de Othello

Leon Ransmeier

Kristen Wentrcek & amp; Andrew Zebulon

Wendell Castle




Jonathan Trayte

Luca Cipeletti

Katie Stout

Soft Baroque

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