Furniture as an art object: new Poliform


The Italian brand presents new items for 2021 one after another.

Among the first novelties are the Orbit coffee tables, created by Maitre Jean-Marie Massaud. The French designer has always loved lightness, and Orbit tables seem almost weightless.

Furniture as an art object: Poliform novelty

They seem to be floating in the air. This effect was achieved thanks to the use of revolutionary technologies. The tables are made entirely of glass. The conical base is made of blown tinted glass. The table top is made of the same material, but you will not see the junction of these two elements. The point is in special ultraviolet soldering, with the help of which one part is welded to another. The joint looks perfect and the whole structure appears to be monolithic. Jean-Marie Massot says he wanted to dispel the stereotype of glass as a technical material and show its artistic potential by creating a real modern sculpture with its help. Also, the task of the designer was to connect the past and the present, tradition and modernity. After all, the base, as it has been for many centuries, is blown by hand, and the tabletop is made using 21st century technologies.

Furniture as art object: Poliform novelty

The bronzed glass model comes in two sizes: you can choose a height of 460 or 550 millimeters.

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