Future plans: 5 amazing Snøhetta projects


Each new project presented by the Norwegian bureau Snøhetta turns out to be more and more impressive. We have collected the most interesting recent works

Svart Hotel in Norway

The Svart Hotel at the foot of the Svartisen Glacier may become the most northerly energy efficient building in the world. The Powerhouse energy saving system will consume 85% less energy annually compared to standard hotels in Norway. & Nbsp; The hotel's roof will be equipped with solar panels, geothermal sources will be used for heating in winter, and air conditioning will be eliminated in summer thanks to special protective facades.

The unique rounded shape of the building is inspired by traditional fishermen's houses, and the inverted A-pillars are reminiscent of Norwegian fish drying rooms. The hotel will offer a panoramic view of the unique blue Svartisen glacier.

Under Restaurant in Norway

The first underwater restaurant in Europe will be located at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coast. The massive concrete structure, cutting through the water column, will be submerged five meters from the seabed. & Nbsp;

The structure of the establishment will allow visitors to admire the sea beauty through a huge panoramic glass. The facility will also function as a research center for local marine life that changes with the seasons. Read more about the underwater restaurant project in a separate article at the link.

New Sciences Po Paris Campus

In the famous “intelligent” district of Saint-Germain on the left bank of Paris, there will be a new campus for the Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po) of France. Modern buildings embody the vision of tomorrow, the idea of ​​the near future.

The new campus was inspired by Voltaire's Candide, or Optimism, in which the possibility of achieving happiness is presented in the form of daily physical labor. Therefore, the blooming vast garden of the Institute is both a metaphor for its cultivation, and integration into the existing urban landscape, and a symbol of the acquisition of new knowledge.

Renovation of a skyscraper in New York

The postmodern tower of the 1980s by American architect Philip Johnson 550 Madison Avenue will be reimagined in terms of urban design. The skyscraper will receive a new glass facade, emphasizing the aesthetics of arched structures. & Nbsp;

a garden with water spaces, thus providing the residents of Manhattan with a respite from the hectic pace of the city. & nbsp;

Sculptural skyscraper in New York

A residential building in New York's cultural district (Upper West Side) looks like a monument carved out of stone by a sculptor. As the skyscraper rises into the sky, its volume changes, visually dividing the tower into two parts.

> Beveled corners complete the silhouette, creating an outdoor guest terrace on the 16th floor with stunning views of the city, the Hudson River and Central Park. Read more about the skyscraper project in a separate article at the link. & Nbsp;

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