Giant outdoor robot vacuum cleaner appears on the streets of Helsinki


A new sweeper appeared on the streets of Helsinki & mdash; Trombia free. This harvester was developed in Finland and became the world's first electric and autonomous harvester. It consumes only 15% of the energy required for conventional cleaning machines, and the newly developed machine does not emit emissions during operation. In addition, this car requires less water when compared to conventional washing cars.

The Trombia Free self-contained and electric sweeper is so quiet that it allows you to sweep the streets at night without interfering with vehicle traffic. For machine designers, J & auml; tk & auml; saari proved to be an ideal place to test, as J & auml; tk & auml; saari showed at night what could really be achieved with automation in an urban environment “,” mdash; said the managing director of Trombia technologies.

Trombia free uses suction performance based technology developed in the 1950s. The machine is equipped with all-weather autonomous machine vision technology based on lidar, which filters out interference from rain, snow or any other difficult weather conditions. An improved algorithm was developed to absorb object data from various sources and generate millions of object images simultaneously, helping to ensure accurate and safe use of the system in all weather conditions.

 Trombia free next generation harvester

Fighting climate change requires new solutions from all of us at a global level, cities play a key role in finding solutions to problems such as those associated with sustainable living conditions, and machine developers see it as their mission to promote the full electrification of street cleaning and also achieve significant emission reductions. into the environment.

Trombia free next generation sweeper

 Trombia free next generation sweeper

Trombia free next generation sweeper

Trombia free sweeper new generation

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