Golden Cube by OMA Hong Kong


Kube architectural installation is a new center of attraction for cultural life, communication and communication in the big city.

OMA Cube Pavilion in front of a Hong Kong shopping mall (photo) 1)

OMA has installed a gold-colored cube pavilion and black marble benches near a shopping mall in Hong Kong. The Kube installation is located at the main entrance to the K11 Musea shopping and entertainment complex on the Victoria Harbor waterfront. The building, designed by OMA studio Rem Koolhaas, offers “an original and intimate meeting and event space.”

The golden kiosk houses a local craft coffee shop, the design of the building quoting the shape of dai pai dong street eateries, open food trucks typical of Hong Kong. The pavilion is surrounded by stone blocks designed to be used as tables and chairs.

OMA Cube Pavilion in front of a shopping mall in Hong Kong (photo 4)

“The multifunctional installation Kube connects visitors to the K11 Musea shopping center and passers-by on the street, increasing the experience of exploring and staying in the big city, opening up new opportunities for friendship and communication,” says OMA Managing Partner, architect David Gianotten (David Gianotten ).

The effect of the golden glow of the Kube kiosk is created by a special coating based on anodized aluminum. Its composition was developed by OMA designers, the walls change color depending on the angle of light reflection. The aesthetics of the building also change at different times of the day. At night, when all the windows are closed, the building turns into a minimalist sculpture, illuminated by linear illumination that slides along the edges of the cube.

OMA cube pavilion in front of Hong Kong shopping center (photo 7)

The OMA Kube installation is complemented by black marble blocks next to the kiosk. Stone tables and seats were arranged to maintain communication between passers-by. “The seating area is an integral part of the installation,” the studio explains, “people who stop at the stone cubes for a coffee break or just to enjoy the beautiful view of the bay easily make new acquaintances, maintaining spontaneous casual conversation.”

OMA Cube Pavilion in front of Hong Kong Mall (photo 10)

By providing a place for passers-by to meet and relax, OMA also hopes that the Cube will be used for public events and outdoor performances taking place against the walls K11 Museum. During especially large events, a giant red balloon will be attached to the roof of the golden pavilion. It will be visible from afar across Victoria Harbour, and the ball will serve as a kind of “city pin” to help people easily find the Kube installation.

OMA cube pavilion in front of Hong Kong shopping center (photo 13)

The new shopping center K11 Musea in Hong Kong was built in early 2019. “We created K11 Musea in collaboration with hundreds of talented artists from around the world. The project performs not only a trading function, but is also designed to spread cultural ideas and introduce inspiring content into the daily life of a new consumer,” say the owners of K11 Group. “The OMA Kube installation at K11 Musea is a symbolic space to explore Hong Kong's waterfront culture, coffee culture and a new way to be part of the wider community.”

OMA Cube Pavilion in front of a shopping mall in Hong Kong (photo 15) Cube pavilion by OMA in front of a shopping center in Hong Kong (photo 16)

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