Gucci headquarters in a former aircraft factory


The Gucci fashion house has moved to a reconstructed complex of an abandoned 1920s aircraft factory

The third headquarters of the Gucci Fashion House is located on the site of the former Caproni aircraft factory in Milan. The reconstruction of the abandoned buildings was carried out by the Italian studio Piuarch. & Nbsp; The factory complex was built in 1915 and has been in disrepair since the middle of the last century, when aircraft production was completely stopped. & Nbsp;

Piuarch respected the existing buildings, adding panoramic windows and glass doors. The authors of the project focused on preserving and emphasizing the stylistic features of the architecture of the 1920s. & Nbsp;

The only new building of the complex became a six-story tower with a steel facade. Large lattice surfaces erode existing architectural symmetry, creating powerful contrasting relationships with red-brick low-rise buildings. & Nbsp;

The reconstructed buildings house administrative buildings with a restaurant and cafe, exhibition space, show rooms, photo studios and a fashion show area in a former hangar. & Nbsp; The main public space for Gucci employees and guests includes a large area with a garden and a patio. & Nbsp;

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