Haori from Toshiba: an air conditioner that adapts to the walls in your home


It's all about the removable cover. There are several colors to choose from: light and dark gray are standard. But you can order bright colors or a unique cover design with a fabric type and print.

Toshiba's Haori air conditioner is an example of a universal air conditioner for any interior. The unique fabric cover allows you to easily change the color of the equipment and frees you from unnecessary worries when choosing a finish.

This is the first air conditioner with indoor unit fabric cover. It is easy to change such a cover for one suitable for the interior. And if there is a desire to update the finish, then there will be no need to think about how to fit the air conditioner into the room with new wallpaper. You just need to choose the right cover.

Toshiba's Haori: An air conditioner that fits your walls

There are two covers in the set: light and dark gray. But you can order other, for example, brighter colors: blue, red or mint. It is even possible to apply your own print or image. They will help to make the air conditioner an accent.

Unlike massive air conditioners, the design of Toshiba Haori looks light and elegant due to smooth lines. Experts also choose this design: the model won the international iF Design Award 2021 in the Product Design nomination and the Japanese Good Design Award 2021 in the Home Air Conditioners nomination.

Toshiba's Haori: An air conditioner that fits your walls

A convenient backlit remote control makes it easy to control the air conditioner. The large screen shows all the necessary information about the operation of the device. The design of the panel is simple even for an inexperienced user.

The technical part is also rich. With HADA Care mode (literally – “Care for the skin”), the air flow is directed to the ceiling, and not down. Thanks to this, the skin retains moisture and does not dry out. The direction of the air can be adjusted using the shutters: up-down or left-right.

Another advantage is the quiet operation of the air conditioner. It works with a volume of only 19 dB. The air conditioner can be left on in a room with a small child without fear of waking him up. For the external unit, there are two levels of volume reduction up to 37 dB. This will save you from complaints and quarrels with neighbors if the air conditioner is on at night.

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