High-tech style in the interior: shocking aesthetics in your home


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We have already talked about the features of the high-tech style more than once, both in the review article and on the example of implemented projects, now we want to consider in more detail the modern variation of this style and the peculiarities of its implementation in various rooms.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u- vas-doma-62

Recall that hi-tech in architecture and design dates back to the 70s of the last century. The following architects can be called the founders and followers of the high-tech style: Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, Nicholas Grimshaw, James Stirling, Kenzo Tange, Santiago Calatrava.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-60 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-61

Hi-tech literally means “high technology” in English. It arose on the basis of late modernism and absorbed such features as pragmatism, manufacturability and monumentality. At first, it was used mainly in the design of non-residential buildings and structures, which gave it some lifelessness, dryness, and urbanity. However, with the arrival in living quarters, the high-tech style has softened somewhat and is now fully combined with home coziness and comfort.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika -u-vas-doma-63 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-72

Hi-tech is a style that exalts human intelligence. It is characterized by:

  • the use of high technologies;
  • straight clean lines, geometric forms;
  • extensive use of glass, plastic and metal frames;
  • tubular structures, stairs brought out;
  • space saving, zoning use of sliding doors and lightweight partitions;
  • decentralized uniform lighting, widespread use of backlighting;
  • matching furnishings and finishes;
  • pragmatic layout;
  • borrowing elements of constructivism (rigor, geometrism, laconic forms, solid appearance, stability colors) and cubism (simple but unusual forms with strict geometry of lines, non-standard, abstract forms);
  • scarcity or complete absence of decor;
  • exposed brickwork or concrete;
  • glossy surfaces, mirrors, use of silver, metallic colors.

Modern high-tech style

The rapid development of information technology predetermined a certain change in accents in interior design. The main requirement of the classic high-tech style is the use of innovative finishing materials and complex structures created by man, by the power of his mind. Modern high-tech, in addition to this, requires that the house be stuffed with all kinds of “smart” control systems: climate control, dimmable lighting, security systems, etc.

 stil -haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-71 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-66

The color palette is rather limited, as the central role in styling is given to form color, not color. It includes black, red, white, gray with the addition of pure blue, yellow or green colors.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-67  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-68

High-tech materials

Surface of walls, floors and high-tech ceilings should be so flat that you can see your reflection in them. The walls are exposed to brickwork or concrete base, which suggests some affinity high-tech loft design … A softer finish option & # 8212; plastering for concrete or stone. It is also possible to paint the walls in monochrome white, sand, beige, light gray. Although dark and even black walls fit perfectly into hi-tech, & # 8212; the main thing is to observe moderation and appropriateness in the use of these shades.


For example, darken one of the walls, giving the interior depth. 3D panels look great. But decorative wallpapers are absolutely incompatible with industrial styles, which, in addition to high-tech, include constructivism and loft styles.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya- estetika-u-vas-doma-29

Choice of porcelain stoneware and laminate for flooring. Self-leveling plain floors fit perfectly into the interior.


< p style = "text-align: justify;">Glossy stretch ceiling meets the requirements of high-tech style better than other options. Suspended multi-level structures with niches for illumination also look good. The easiest choice is to paint the ceiling.


Doorways between rooms either remain empty or are equipped with glass or transparent plastic doors with aluminum frames. According to the style rules, the windows are solid, panoramic, preferably in the entire wall. Frames do not attract attention due to their minimal thickness.



Furniture should be of extraordinary function, compact or convertible (eg a bed that folds into a wall). It is characterized by monotony, rigor and conciseness.


< h3 style = "text-align: justify;"> Lighting

Lighting plays one of the leading roles in high-tech style. Soft, diffused light mutes the coldness of the color. This effect can be achieved with spotlights. They can be installed not only along the entire perimeter of the ceiling, but also mounted in furniture, niches in the walls or even the floor. Backlighting favorably emphasizes the texture of the material or the shape of the object. Mobile spotlights are often used, which can rotate in different directions. In a room with a single space, string lights help highlight functional areas such as kitchens and dining areas. LED strips, lamps made of transparent acrylic will also perfectly fit into a high-tech interior.



High-tech accessories are usually monochrome in color, bizarre shapes, intricate images. They create an emotional image of the interior. Black and white photos, posters with graphic drawings, painting in the style of cubism or Suprematism with large bright geometric elements, glass or plastic figurines, electronic clocks, original vases harmoniously fit into the technological interior. A long-piled rug will domesticate the image, dilute the coldness and alienation, if necessary.


Despite the modesty of the accessories, the interior does not look boring thanks to the overflow of glossy surfaces, sun glare on metal and glass, and the play of textures. Hi-tech develops and becomes softer and warmer over the years. stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-54

High-tech living room

For high-tech living room -thek better than others are spacious, bright rooms with panoramic windows. It is convenient to zone such a room using glass partitions on metal frames.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-30  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-52

For a stylized living room, glossy tiles, linoleum and laminate are considered ideal flooring. Very often, wall cladding with bricks or even stone is used, mirror polystyrene panels are installed. Ceiling & # 8212; glossy stretch or hanging intricate shapes.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-27  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-35

The play of light emitted by its various sources and reflected by mirrors, glass, glossy and metallized surfaces does not need additional decoration, which will overload the room and scatter attention. However, the presence of single accessories is permissible: original lamps, black-and-white photographs, panoramas of megalopolises, panels and paintings with a futuristic or surrealistic plot, metal figurines will be in place. To liven up the interior, you can place several pots with exotic house plants or a chic aquarium with fish. An electric fireplace built into the wall is common.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-18  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-51 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-50

Modular multifunctional furniture, often of author's design, with built-in ultramodern appliances and backlit – a favorite of the high-tech living room. The style is emphasized by tempered glass inserts and chrome fittings. Transparent or colored plastic table and chairs in some cases serve as accents in the interior.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-36  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-53

Upholstery of upholstered furniture can be made of leather or plain fabric. Roman curtains on windows, light thread curtains, blinds.

stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-28stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-31  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-57

Bedroom in style hi-tech

Hi-tech relies not on coziness, but on comfort. Its aesthetics are high, restrained and cold. Walls of calm shades will be decorated with panels of abstract content or black and white photos. Dark curtains made of dense fabric or blinds will protect the night's peace from the bright light of the night metropolis. In the room itself, it is convenient to install multi-level lighting with the ability to adjust its brightness and even shade. Carpet or rug will slightly soften the brutality of the style in the break room.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-21  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-19

The main functional load in the bedroom is carried by the bed. Usually she stands not on legs, but on a special podium. Contrasting colors, crisp lines and angles declare style. Recessed headlights, lighting and anything else that will give it a cutting edge look are welcome.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-6 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-23  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-43  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika- u-vas-doma-45 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-22

For one family member, a large armchair that converts into a bed, opposite an impressive plasma TV, is quite suitable. In addition to sleeping space, the room has built-in storage systems with interior lighting, open shelving, glass partitions that can change the degree of their transparency.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-20 stil-haj -tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-24 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-25  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-26 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-32  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-33 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-44

Hi-tech kitchen

Hi-tech makes the kitchen is extremely functional, stylish and catchy. It is difficult to imagine a sweet pink-cheeked hostess in an apron with flowers. Rather, you see a long-legged beauty with a manicure and high heels.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-7

The high-tech kitchen welcomes materials with high strength characteristics and wear resistance. Modular multifunctional furniture, often of author's design, with smart fittings and glossy fronts, declares the style of the kitchen. Materials such as acrylic, metal, glass and plastic can achieve the desired impression.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-8  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-73

The high-tech apron made of tempered glass, transparent or neutral color, will harmoniously fit into the interior of the high-tech style. Porcelain tiles, MDF with imitation of concrete or stone, stainless steel are also suitable for finishing the apron.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma -15

Hi-tech assumes a maximum of home appliances of the most modern models. It must be built into the furniture. The best option & # 8212; multifunctional “smart” technology with touch control and stylish design. The preferred color of the equipment is metallic, it will emphasize the manufacturability of the kitchen. Black and white are allowed.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-13  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-9

The mixer must also support the concept of manufacturability, such as water temperature indicators or touch controls.

Most of the high-tech kitchens are island-style. They are divided into functional areas. The most practical option for countertops and sinks is made of artificial stone. The hood is accented, so its design should be original and impressive.

stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-16stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-17

The concept of shocking minimalism is supported by transparent dining furniture of bizarre shapes with chrome legs. Also in the dining area, a sofa with leather upholstery is appropriate. If the apartment is small, for one or two people, the dining table will completely replace the bar counter.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-38  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-48

An ultramodern style kitchen is characterized by the absence of a textile component – tablecloths, napkins, towels, curtains. It sparkles with a cold shine without the slightest hint of originality. However, fresh herbs are quite allowed to warm and revive this cold realm of technology.

stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-14stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-49  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-64

Hi-tech children's room

Convertible furniture, fold-out beds, pull-out tables, hidden storage systems are important to save space and follow the principle of maximum functionality. The room has a minimum of accessories and decor and a maximum of technology – a plasma TV, an audio system, a computer and other achievements of progress, in addition to their main function, serve as a style designation for the interior.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-56

In the nursery, as a rule, the colors are brighter than in others rooms. Urban color is broken by bright splashes. Images of equipment and models of cars or airplanes will harmoniously decorate the room. One of the walls can be decorated with surrealistic painting, panels, graphic painting.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-1  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-3

Good illumination is achieved by combining different types of luminaires – recessed and wall-mounted. The shade of a ceiling chandelier should have a simple shape, such as square or round. Even lighting is beneficial to vision, allowing you to read and study in a comfortable environment.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-55  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-11

A kid from birth to three years old is unlikely to enjoy such a brutal interior. He needs something more cozy and cute. But as the child grows up, his interest in high-tech gadgets also grows. This is especially true, of course, for boys. Very often, first graders know much more about technology than their own parents. A hi-tech room will stimulate the development of the abilities of these children and turn them into geniuses in the field of high technology.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-2 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-epatazhnaya-estetika-u-vas-doma-10

High-tech style in the interior

How status, fresh , and the interior of an apartment in high-tech style looks extraordinary, you can clearly see it on the example of the project & # 171; Triumph Palace & # 187; studio SL PROJECT.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-1

The design of the apartment is thought out to the smallest detail and decorated in a single key. Snow-white ceilings, walls and floors, glass doors, recessed lighting are the basis of every room. Only in children's rooms an exception was made in the finishing of the floors, on which laminate flooring was laid in a cozy shade of natural wood. The central chandelier in the dining room and the floor lamp in the study are identical. Accent shades of yellow, gold, beige, light brown and dark wood are most vividly presented in the living room and are repeated in detail in the decor of different zones.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere -foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-3

A small open shelf in dark wood color, which mirrors the color of modular kitchen furniture, is filled with metal figurines, books, a poster and a few other little things.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere- foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-9

No element goes beyond high-tech style. Leather upholstery, maximum use of glass and metal, emphasis on form, clarity of lines – the canons of hi-tech are respected. The decor is represented by graceful vases, figurines, posters.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-4 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-5

At the same time, an atmosphere of individuality is created in the interior design of private rooms, reflecting the tastes, preferences and hobbies of their owners.

The space of the kitchen, dining room and living room is one. The dazzling whiteness of the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture, reflecting the sun's rays, creates the effect of absolute filling with light and air and visually raises the ceiling. Kitchen appliances and furniture fittings shine with chrome. The headset top unit has been replaced with an open shelf, which further lightens the interior.


The storage system and oven are built into the wall. Its dull smooth facades hide from sight everything that could violate the ideal geometry of the lines, characteristic of the high-tech style. Dark wood texture warms and adds depth. It is repeated on the bar, which serves to delimit the living and dining areas.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-6

The dining area is represented by a table with a glass top and chairs upholstered in white leather with chrome legs. The chandelier of large sizes and fantastic, unusual shape, installed above the table, attracts attention. The lighting is also integrated into the shelf above the kitchen work area and into the ceiling.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-21

Two plastic chairs with metal legs are pushed up to the bar. The decor in this part of the apartment is represented by a drop of warm yellow on the kitchen shelf, echoing the glasses on the table and a chic vase, gleaming metallized surface. Under the bar counter, symmetrical glass vases with exquisite orchids emphasize the style, subtlety of taste and aristocracy of the apartment owners.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl- project-2 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-11

The office, also made in hi-tech style, is completely fenced off transparent glass doors. In the strict black and white interior, the emphasis is on the unusual shapes of the armchairs and the house plant. Light sheer curtains protect from direct sunlight and do not disturb the color. The glass and white color make the cabinet look small.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-8  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-7

In the bedroom, the contrast of the snow-white decoration of the room, curtains with the dark color of upholstered furniture and appliances is observed. The central place in the room is given to the hanging bed. Indoor plant, headboard trim and fur blanket warm and cozy the rest room.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-12 stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-13

The second bedroom has a much more subtle feel. However, the high-tech style is visible here as well. The abundance of mirrors, the elegance of the texture of textiles, the absence of a dark color speaks of the likely purpose of this room for a girl. The plastic chair and the accent caramel figurine are not annoying, but rather soothing.

 stil-haj-tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-16 stil- haj-tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-17

The third bedroom features high-tech accent purples in textiles, doors and décor. Colors and accessories create the individual character of the interior. This is probably the room of a teenage girl who is addicted to insects.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-19

Another room is a nursery. The impressive size of the telescope takes up most of the space. Model cars, dark heavy curtains make it clear that this room belongs to a boy.


The bathroom impresses with the shape of the mixer, sanitary ware and the bath itself. The technical component is represented by a modern, high-tech style functional shower cubicle with lighting, telephone and TV. The color and presence of potted plants supports the overall design.

stil-haj- tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-15  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-foto-triumf-palas-sl-project-14  stil-haj-tek-v-interere-foto-triumf- palas-sl-project-20

Technological progress makes life easier for a modern person, frees up his priceless time. Washing, cooking, cleaning now take away not hours, as in the recent past, but minutes. The hi-tech style is created for people who prefer light and space, ahead of their time, striving forward, who like the frantic pace of life in a metropolis, and who gladly take advantage of the colossal opportunities of technological progress.

Photos: SL PROJECT Architectural Bureau

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