Historic glass in unique lamps by Philippe Nigro


French designer inspired by ancient Venetian glassmaking techniques.

New collaboration between Philippe Nigro and Barovier&Toso, a legacy of Venetian glass blowing many centuries – Grace table lamps. The image fully justifies the name: the lamps turned out to be extremely elegant.

Historical glass - in unique lamps from Philippa Nigro

Grace table lamps by Philip Nigro for Barovier&Toso.

Creating Grace, Nigro relied at once on several historical techniques that the brand has been using for several centuries. This is not the first time the designer has worked with Barovier & Toso (preceded by the Opera collection of lamps), so he is already very familiar with the possibilities of production. The light element is placed inside a beautiful diffuser made using the rostrato technique. The designer found several lamps in this technique in the archives of the factory.

Historical glass - in unique lamps from Philippa Nigro

Barovier&Toso archival models.

The plafond resembles a transparent glass goblet containing ice crystals. Everything is done – blown, molded – only by hand.

Historical glass in unique lamps by Philip Nigro

The base of the lamp is another technique, ballotton sommerso. Double-layer glass of multi-phase processing (including etching and manually applying “bubbles” to the surface) gives an absolutely magical effect of an expensive fabric. There are several noble shades of color: olive, light blue, mother-of-pearl, coffee and others. jpg” class=”js-commented-right-inj-image” alt=”Historical glass in unique lamps by Philippe Nigro” />

Historical Murano techniques were used in the creation of the lamp.

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