Holiday home by the sea in Norway


Handegård Arkitektur has created a cozy waterfront home by reimagining traditional Norwegian boathouses

Studio Handegård Arkitektur has built a small waterfront house in the Norwegian town of Hankösundet. The project was created for a customer who lives near the coast, and was inspired by the appearance of boathouses – structures for the repair and storage of boats. “The building looks like a traditional Norwegian boathouse with red facades, a tin roof and granite piles, but at the same time it has its own zest,” says studio founder Espen Handegård.

Holiday home by the sea in Norway

The glass facades of the building are additionally covered with thin wooden boards, located at an angle of 45 degrees. So they hide what is happening in the house from passers-by and at the same time allow residents to admire the sea view. From the side of the embankment, you can see two large red doors, also finished with boards. One of them leads to a separate block with a bathroom, and the other leads to the house itself.

Holiday home by the sea in NorwayHoliday home by the sea in Norway

The main living space is completely sheathed in plywood. The house has a wood-burning stove, a mini-bar, a mezzanine bedroom and a sun lounger area. Two hinged doors can be fully opened and enjoy the sea breeze and the sounds of the surf.

Norwegian Seaside Vacation Home Norway holiday homeHoliday home by the sea in Norway

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