Horizontal skyscraper in Chongqing


The aerial bridge connecting the four Raffles City Chongqing skyscrapers first opened to visitors

After eight years of work, the construction of the Raffles City Chongqing skyscraper complex, designed by Safdie Architects, is nearing completion. The architects envisioned the glass towers in Chongqing's business district to house offices, hotel rooms, residential apartments, restaurants and boutiques.

The phased opening of the project, which should be completed by the end of 2020, began with an observation deck located on one from the ends of The Crystal & nbsp; – a horizontal skyscraper 300 meters long, which lies on four towers at a height of 250 meters above the ground.

The Crystal is a glass tube, reinforced on the outside with a metal structure that resembles an accordion. Also, the “crystal” is equipped with seismic supports in case of an earthquake.

The main part of the space is occupied by bars, restaurants and the lobby of the future hotel. The open observation deck with a transparent floor can be accessed through the winter garden, along which stretches a pool surrounded by green trees.

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