Hospital nicknamed “Iceberg” in Milan


Mario Cucinella Architects has designed a new medical center in Milan, popularly nicknamed the “iceberg” for its characteristic shape

Hospital nicknamed

Comparison with an iceberg is not accidental: the new medical complex San Raffaele with an area of ​​40 thousand square meters. meters really resembles in its shape a giant block of ice. The volume of the building rushes up with its sharp corners, and the frame of white ceramic ribs makes the building even more like a block of ice. Milanese bureau Mario Cucinella Architects came up with such an unusual look for the hospital.

Iceberg Hospital in MilanDue to the unusual façade, the hospital was nicknamed the Iceberg.Iceberg Hospital in MilanThe building of the medical center was designed by Mario Cucinella Architects.

The ribs on the building frame work like blinds and partially cut off direct sunlight. Behind the frame is an all-glass façade, and light passing directly through it would be a nuisance to doctors and patients. In addition, a special titanium dioxide frame coating breaks down smog particles and retains heat /uploads/2022/05/eb54be105ecd72c50eb8aa1b7f0122e6.jpg” width=”332″ height=”511″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”The Iceberg Hospital in Milan” />The facade of the building is hidden behind a framework of ceramic ribs.Iceberg Hospital in MilanA special coating on the facade protects the building from smog.

Inside, the San Raffaele Medical Center has a well-thought-out organization of rooms. The pastel colors of the interior decoration enhance its insolation.

The Iceberg Hospital in MilanThe hospital has 20 operating rooms.

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