Hotel with stairs on the facade in Tokyo


The staircases that surround the building resemble streets and allow guests to always feel at the center of city life

Mount Fuji Architects has completed a hotel in Tokyo. The authors of the project connected the floors of the building with steel stairs overlooking the facade & nbsp; – so Siro, unlike other hotels, where guests find themselves cut off from the urban environment, allows you to constantly feel the dynamic atmosphere of the metropolis.


Using a variety of staircase designs, the hotel transforms the transitions between floors into a kind of streets that encircle the building. The stairwells are connected to the corridors, from where you can get to the rooms. The minimalist rooms are reminiscent of traditional ryokans, where the landscapes of Tokyo's Ikebukuro district hide behind screens and sliding doors.

“I like hotels that remind me that I live in a city, & nbsp;” says Masahiro Harada, founder of the Mount Fuji architecture studio. & Nbsp; secluded lobby or reception. Then you go upstairs in the elevator, walk down the dimly lit hallway to your room, walk through the narrow space in front of the bathroom, before finally reaching the place where you will spend the night … Surrounded by many closed volumes, the room is so isolated that you forget about the city outside & nbsp; – everything inside says only that you are staying at a hotel of this or that brand. It seems to me that this should seem boring to real travelers. With this project, we wanted to create a hotel where guests can experience the unique atmosphere of the city. “

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