House-“wave” appeared on the banks of the Danish fjord


The Wave ( Wave ) residential complex in the Danish port city of Vejle, on the shore of the fjord of the same name, has been under construction since 2006. By 2008, only two of the five towers were completed; work was stopped due to the economic crisis and resumed only in 2015. And today, Henning Larsen Architects finally announced the completion of the long-suffering project.

Even in a partially completed form, Volna managed to receive several notable architectural awards and become important for the city. Fjordenhus is located very close – so far the only architectural object of Olafur Eliasson, and the appearance of two such iconic and striking buildings at once should stimulate the development of the entire embankment area.

The unusual shape of the building, as conceived by the architects, refers to the hilly landscape, atypical for Denmark, but characteristic of these places. And the obvious exploitation of the motive of the water element turns the object located right on the shore into a kind of mediator between nature and the city.

The total area of ​​the complex is 14,000 sq. m. Five towers, nine floors each, accommodate only one hundred apartments (on the upper floors there are two-tier penthouses). The buildings are covered with a unifying “canvas” of white terracotta ventilation façade, which, in fact, sets the wave-like movement. At the same time, this shell forms a canopy protecting the interior spaces and actively protruding balconies. The landscaped promenade along the entire length of the facade and the pier provide access to water and are responsible for the social component of the entire project.

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