House with a zipper: a project by Alex Chinnek for IQOS


As part of Milan Design Week, the IQOS brand presented an unusual house with a zipper designed by the famous British sculptor Alex Chinnek

Alex Chinnek has attached a completely new concrete facade to the house in the spirit of traditional Milanese architecture.

Oh look, cool graffiti! This is the first reaction of passers-by to the new attraction of Milan – “House with Lightning” – a joint project of the IQOS brand and the famous British sculptor Alex Chinneck. But a real culture shock awaits those who decide to take a closer look at the artwork.

You walk around the house from all sides and you can't believe your eyes. The graffiti turns out to be a real volume. The giant zipper is made of concrete. It “unfastens” the powerful walls of the building and releases light streaming from within – a symbol of a bright “smokeless” future.

The author of the project is sculptor Alex Chinnek.

“With the help of lightning, we uncovered the fabric of a seemingly historic Milanese building to playfully reimagine what lies behind its façade. Etheric light penetrates through numerous holes in the floor and walls, filling the space with color and positive. ”

The image of lightning – Alex Chinnek's favorite plot – is played not only on the facade, but also in the interior. For example, there are surreal cracks in the concrete floor, from which ethereal and weightless light is scattered, or a transparent cabinet closed with a zipper filled with smoke – like a beautiful farewell to the smoky rooms of the past.

In such an unusual way, Alex Chinnek once again breaks our understanding of reality. His home is a call to abandon stereotypes, which is in line with the main idea of ​​IQOS.

The Zip House was built specifically for Milan Design Week and will run until April 14th. Address: Via Tortona 31, Milan.

English humor in detail: the project description is designed in the form of a commemorative granite plaque “I lived and worked in this house …”

In its quest to build a future without smoke and ash, IQOS is improving and looking for new forms of design. The third generation IQOS models were presented within the framework of the exhibition at the House on Lightning. And this is also art!

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