House with an unusual roof in Ecuador


The studio of the architect Felipe Escudero came up with an unusual roof for an ordinary industrial building in Ecuador, repeating the outlines of the surrounding mountains

Techitos (Spanish for” small roofs “) – this is how architect Felipe Escudero christened his project in Pifo (Ecuador). This is a small industrial complex, including a warehouse and an office building, with unusual angular roofs made of aluminum panels that echo the outlines of the Andes Mountains.

The complex consists of three buildings: the actual warehouse for storing cheese, which maintains a constant temperature and humidity, the office of the open-plan firm and the entrance area, which is a miniature copy of the office area. For all three buildings, the architect used the same shape, playing with scales and sizes. Inside, the height and sharp geometry of the ceilings is smoothed out by horizontal pendant lights. On the back of the building there is a small green courtyard where employees can go for a smoke break or a five-minute rest.

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