How the fox met the owl in the identity of the business coaching network


Branding for Fox Meets Owl Business Coaching Network combined images of animals and birds, thus the idea of ​​the brand and the design of the identity seeks to refute the prevailing clichés in the coaching business.

The Supply studio, when developing the corporate identity for the business coaching network Fox Meet Owl, came up with a logo with a hidden meaning.

Branding for the company Fox meets an owl

According to, a design studio based in the ancient English city of Bath worked on this project together with copywriter Jim Davis.

The client company, founded by business coach Anna Luneburger, provides the services of proven business coaches. Anna Luneburger describes her approach as a 'marriage of creativity and science.'

an interesting look for a branding concept '', & ndash; said the founder of the design studio Jamie Ellul. It is the characteristic “ marriage of creativity and science '' prompted the team to explore the possibility of combining the two images of a fox and an owl.

The combination of a fox and an owl in the name of the company was copywriter Davis' idea and partly an attempt to break with the clichés in business coaching. In the design of the fox logo & ndash; it is an aspect of cunning, intelligence, energy, and the owl represents wisdom and a wide 360 ​​degree view.

 Branding for the company Fox meets an owl

” While working on a project, I constantly thought about the owl's ability to turn its head in all directions “, & shy; & ndash; said designer Jamie Ellul.

According to the designer, these two images also symbolize two different spheres: a fox that hunts on the ground and an owl that watches from above.

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The logo united both animals, creating an inextricable image in which the fox will not be read without an owl, including through playing with counterform. First, the image of a fox is visually read, and only then the viewer sees a flying owl, which was intentionally done by the designers.

When the owl “ shows up '' between the features of the fox comes the 'identification moment', which reflects the company's core idea of ​​'bringing a new perspective and shedding light on elements that were not visible, but may have already existed.'

Branding for Fox Meets Owl

On the website the logo can be animated so that the mustache on the fox's face moves, adding a 'little playfulness' to the identity.

Supple has also created additional illustrations that combine the two animals by playing with counterform.

The color palette is inspired by the colors of the fox. The designers have made the orange very bright so that it works better in the digital space.

Face37's Bobby font was used in the identity, which at first glance seems a little bookish, but at the same time has a soft and quirky feel. Fox & ndash; a more playful animal, and an owl more serious, and the designers wanted to reflect this through the chosen font.

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