HUTTON presents: the new club house Lumin


Light is the key element of the Lumin Club House, which will appear in the center of Moscow in 2022. Learn more about light, architecture and digital space Lumin in the new HUTTON video

In 2022 in in the very center of Moscow, 250 meters from Zaryadye Park, a new residential complex Lumin by the HUTTON development company will appear. The architects of the project, which became the well-known bureau “Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners”, developed a unique concept in which light is the main source of inspiration. ” data-v-725caed1=”1″ alt=”Ilya Davydik” />Ilya Davydik data-v-725caed1>“When designing the Lumin Clubhouse, we wanted something cozy, out of the box, and a little provocative. And so we turned to the architectural bureau “Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners” Presents: New Lumin ClubhouseAlexander AntonovAlexander Antonovdeveloper

CFO, Partner, Hutton CFA

“The solution proposed by our architects is truly deep and functional: it proposes to make a light space of a new format in a historic building »

The project was based on the play of light and gradients, which was achieved by choosing light-transparent frosted glass as the main material. The project turned out to be environmentally friendly, thanks to the maximum glazing, the Lumin apartments are like a light-box, in which the spaces of the house are filled with light, regardless of the time of day. />HUTTON presents: new club house LuminAlexander Tsimailo and Nikolay LyashenkoAlexander Tsimailo and Nikolay Lyashenkoarchitecture

Architectural bureau “Tsimailo Lyashenko and partners”

“The house outside absorbs light, has a lot of facets and resembles a piece of crystal”

“Light is necessary for everyone and everyone. We analyzed how the sun moves, how light enters during the day, thus creating such an appearance that has a large number of planes capable of receiving light. Subsequently, this factor also affects the illumination of the apartments. The clear order of facade forms and the logical arrangement of the walls of the house allow, on the one hand, to close from neighboring buildings, achieve seclusion and privacy, and on the other hand, to receive the maximum amount of light, – comment on the Lumin project, the architects of Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners .

HUTTON Presents: New Lumin Clubhouse

HUTTON presented the video “Light as a source of inspiration” as part of the presentation of the new Lumin project, which shows that light is able not only to surprise, but also to feel the modern metropolis in a new way. The architecture of the building comes to life, helping viewers to experience the visual interaction between the exterior of the house and nature, where the building itself changes depending on the time of day, the light of neighboring buildings and city lights. Thus, an interesting color transition is created, where everyone who wants to get in touch with this architectural project will be able to feel the image of the future at the same second.

HUTTON Presents: New Lumin Clubhouse

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