Iconic Richard Rogers building under way in London


The high-tech office building of Lloyd’s of London in London will be renovated. They plan to adapt it to modern realities

Architect Richard George Rogers together with Renzo Piano ) and Norman Foster & nbsp; (Norman Foster) is one of the founders of hi-tech . The building by the insurance company Lloyd's of London & nbsp; is a prime example of this style. Built in 1986, it looked very prominent in the urban environment of London at the time. The building seemed to be turned inside out: the architect removed all communications and utilitarian elements of the building to the facade in order to increase the area of ​​the premises inside.

The renovation will take place not in the entire building, but only in its famous glass central Underwriting Room, which now employs more than five thousand people. It is known that Lloyd's of London plans to adapt the Underwriting Room to modern realities, which is why Rogers Stirk Harbor + Partners, one of the founders of which was Richard Rogers, refused to participate in the project. Now the corporation is developing a concept for future repairs. Among other things, the idea of ​​opening a unique building for city residents by placing a restaurant in it is being discussed.

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