IKEA store with green roof in Copenhagen


Architect Dorte Mandrup's studio has presented a project for a new IKEA store that will open in Vesterbro in 2023

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The new IKEA store, designed by architect Dorte Mandrup, challenges the brand's familiar yellow and blue aesthetic. The white wavy facade of the building resembles a curtain, which, when partially opened, allows you to see what is happening inside. In front of the store, there is a green area with a parking lot for bicycles, a cafe and access to the rooftop park, where visitors can take a break from the hectic pace of the big city. The park will be planted with trees and shrubs common in the region, as well as hotels for insects that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

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 Photo # 2 - IKEA store with a green roof in Copenhagen

Photo # 3 - IKEA Green Roof Store in Copenhagen

The project supports Copenhagen's goal of becoming the first zero-carbon city by 2025 year and the desire of IKEA by 2030 to come & nbsp; to & nbsp; business model & nbsp; closed loop. The store is equipped with solar panels and a system for reusing water from adjacent channels for cooling. The project will create parking for more than 760 bicycles, and planted 250 trees and bushes on the territory.

 Photo # 4 - IKEA store with a green roof in Copenhagen

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