In India, they built a house with multi-colored balconies-cubes


Cement plant workers in a small Indian town get a new home whose architecture nods to Le Corbusier and Japanese modernist architecture

A house with colorful balconies was built in India /></p>
 <p>In a small town in the southwest of India, an unusual residential building Studios 90 has appeared. It was designed by the Indian studio Sanjay Puri Architects, which was inspired by the works of <u>Le Corbusier</u>(Le Corbusier) and the architecture of metabolism, common in the 1950s in Japan. The building immediately catches the eye thanks to its facades, on which multi-colored balconies stand out with cubic volumes. The project is social: the house was built for the workers of the new cement plant. It has 18 one-room apartments and 54 rooms of a factory dormitory, and there are also 18 more guest rooms in separate buildings nearby.<img loading=In India they built a house with multicolored cube balconies

The unusual shape of the balconies is due to the hot climate: for eight months of the year, the temperature in these places stays above 35°C. Each apartment has a corner stepped layout and is oriented to the north. The colors of the balconies are inspired by the famous Indian festival of colors Holi and its main colors: red, blue, yellow.

In India, they built a house with multi-colored balconies-cubes

The building turned out not only unusual, but also environmentally friendly. It has a natural ventilation system, organized rainwater harvesting, and energy is supplied from the remains of a cement plant.In India they built a house with multi-colored balconies-cubes< ul class="related-entities-list__list" data-v-76f1e660>

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