Industrial style in the interior


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The industrial style is now popular, although it is still often confused with the loft style. The difference is that the industrial style presupposes complete, one hundred percent openness. Indeed, in this style, they do not even try to hide the wiring and ventilation away from eyes. At first, the industrial style was born in abandoned industrial premises, which had high ceilings and windows that took up almost the entire wall. A distinctive feature of this design is the unification of the kitchen, bedroom and living room. The concept of the style assumes urban minimalism, which is dictated by a limited amount of furniture. So if your home has large windows and high ceilings and you want as much space as possible & # 8212; this style will be the perfect solution in interior design. Convenience and modernity & # 8212; these are the main features of the industrial style.

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The main difference between industrial design lies in the functionality of its details: all old things serve as the basis for creating new original interior items or decor. For example, old wooden boxes and shelves can become chairs or a small coffee table, while metal ones can be used as shelving or an original shelf system. You can even use an old ladder as a stand for other interior details or as a shelf for books. Old typewriters, industrial scissors or other tools and equipment reminiscent of production will be a real boon for decoration. In addition, the more shabby and old they look, the more effect they will add, creating an exclusive composition.

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Most people think of industrial design as a collection of shades of gray with minimal use of white and black. In general, everything is exactly like that. Take all shades of gray, think over the interior, and alternately use dark with lighter ones. If you feel uncomfortable with the monotony of the decor, add dramatic color transitions using bright furniture. This will give the room extra volume and depth. Try applying different shades of the same color to create a multi-dimensional effect.

Different depths of tones and monochrome gamut will expand the boundaries of space and refresh the design without overloading it with variegated shades. It is worth starting with the basic tones, because they will make up the general atmosphere and style features. Your task & # 8212; emphasize a certain restraint in the room. But try using a few bold, saturated colors to highlight your personality. For example, take the color of fuchsia, lemon, orange, and intersperses them in minimal doses into the interior. This will give the room a fresh look.

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You should choose those colors that you like, which will evoke pleasant emotions in you when you look at them. Now there is a large assortment of paints, so there will be no problems with buying paint of the selected color. For example, you can use żnieżka Design Lux 3 wear-resistant interior latex paint. This paint creates a durable washable coating, has a 1st class of resistance. The paint is very easy to apply to walls, and Teflon makes it easier to clean stains on painted surfaces, so it is easy to keep clean.

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Do not forget about lighting. If during the day the light comes from large windows, then at night you will have to use artificial light. You can forget about large, exquisite chandeliers. They will not suit your industrial interior. Your choice & # 8212; local lamps & # 8212; it is not only stylish, but also convenient, because you can adjust the degree and zones of illumination.

 Industrial style in the interior 05 Industrial style & # 8212; it is as a means of self-expression, because it is in the little things that you can emphasize your originality.

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