Ini Archibonga pavilion of the African diaspora


An unusual installation in the form of a sail appeared recently near the Somerset House complex in London. This is how the African Diaspora Pavilion, created by designer Ini Archibong for the London Design Biennale looks like

Photo # 1 - Pavilion of the African Diaspora Ini Archibonga

On June 1, London's Somerset House opened the London Design Biennale, in which designers and architects present their vision of modern design in an era of crisis and change. One of the projects presented at the exhibition was the Pavilion of the African Diaspora & nbsp; – an unusual structure in the form of a sail, created by Ini Archibong and installed on the terrace of the complex.


This is the first installation of three that Archibong creates for this project & nbsp; – two more will later be installed in New York and Miami. The pavilion will be used for lectures, discussions, performances and other events of the African diaspora in London and the USA.

 Photo # 3 - Pavilion of African Diaspora Ini Archibonga Ini Archibong and Tamara Houston, founder of ICON MANN.

As the designer himself says, this project was not conceived as a symbol of Black Lives Matter, but simply as a place for communication, where people of African backgrounds can come together and share their stories. The shape of the pavilion resembles not only a sail, but also a shell, referring the viewer to cowrie shells, which for a long time were used in Africa instead of coins and in many African countries are considered a talisman that brings good luck.

Photo # 4 - Pavilion of the African Diaspora Ini Archibonga

 Photo №5 - Pavilion of the African Diaspora Ini Archibonga

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