International festival DESIGN ACT is back!


The festival will take place at Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art from 10 to 13 November 2022.

«Revision — one of the main operations in culture and in general in life. Once every 10 years, everything around needs to be revised. And in the history of Russian design it has never been. We remember that at first the Russian avant-garde was a taboo topic, and in the 1960s and 1990s it was recognized as one of the pinnacles of world design. Another 30 years passed and it turned out that there was no private perspective in the revolutionary romanticism of the Russian avant-garde. It was not in the Soviet design either. The revision should help us understand: what did we come up with in the 2020s of the 21st century? Because everything changes and what is retired today may become a fashion icon tomorrow, — said the ideologist of the festival, Igor Shulinsky.

The festival will take place at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art from November 10 to 13, 2022 with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The festival program — exhibition exposition, business forum and educational program.

Three thematic blocks will be presented within the exhibition exposition: “History”, “Present”; and “Future”.


«Revision: History»

This block will introduce visitors to the history of domestic design. This is the key part of the exposition, the semantic core of the festival, presented in the format of a multimedia performance — performance of things. Iconic items will tell the story of their creation from a first-person perspective. Their authors — outstanding designers, artists and architects: Alexander Rodchenko, Varvara Stepanova, Vladimir Tatlin, Abram Damsky, Svetlana Mirzoyan, Yuri Sluchevsky, Igor Gurovich, Vladimir Pirozhkov, Sergey Smirnov, Vadim Kibardin and others. The exposition has four sections, each of which will be devoted to a certain historical period and will combine documentary chronicles, interesting and previously unknown facts, as well as concepts and projects that have been realized and remained on paper. The visit to this block will be organized in 15-minute sessions.   

«Revision: Present» 

This part of the exposition will be dedicated to contemporary designers. It will be a continuation of the multimedia exhibition “Revision: History”; and will present the brightest creators of our time — more than 20 Russian and foreign designers. They present projects from different areas: object and lighting design, IT and innovative solutions, urban environment design, as well as socially responsible design. Foreign experts are expected to take part in the festival. 

 “Revision: Future”

“Future” will be presented by the winners of the Open competition of industrial design and innovative projects «DESIGN ACT — 2022″, which runs from June 14 to October 16 with the participation of leading Russian companies and state corporations. The best concepts and ideas will be shown in a multimedia exhibition format. The participation of industrial partners of the competition is also planned, which will present their innovative projects. 

“The competition is unique, because for the first time the largest Russian companies have united in it. And this is a great opportunity for designers to turn their ideas into reality. In total, we have 12 case tasks in four categories: “Vehicle Design”, “Space Design”, “High-Tech Territory”, and “City of the Future: 2070”. All tasks — these are projects that our participating companies are interested in developing, so the winners of the competition have a high chance of implementing their concepts in the near future, — added Alsu Khairutdinova, producer and director of the festival.  

The competition is held on the website:


Business and an educational program in the form of lectures, public talks and master classes with the participation of leading Russian and foreign designers who will discuss the most relevant topics in the field of industrial design. 

Festival curator Alina Saprykina: “The purpose of the festival – to become a communication platform for cooperation between designers and manufacturers and exchange of experience between them.  As part of the forum, we will be able to bring together students, young and already established designers with experts in the field of industrial design and representatives of the largest Russian companies and businesses for a constructive dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation».

The business program of the forum is still being formed, but it is already known that it will begin with a strategic session, which will be attended by representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation LAB: 2050, well-known industrial designers; Also in the program of the forum will be discussed topics: “Where to go to study?” with the participation of heads of faculties of industrial design of the country's leading universities; “The industry needs designers. Finally!”, where the speakers will be representatives of the jury of the Open Competition “Design Act-2022”, “City of the Future: 2070”, industrial design in various areas of creating a convenient, environmentally friendly environment, etc.

Visiting the forum is free, by prior registration. An online broadcast will also be available for everyone.  

The international festival DESIGN ACT will take place for the seventh time. Its implementation is especially relevant, since industrial design — one of the fastest growing areas in Russia. Today DESIGN ACT —  

Official website:   

DATES AND VENUE:< /strong>

10 – November 13, 2022

Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD

Address: 4th Syromyatnichesky lane, 1/8

Ticket price: 500 rubles. Tickets can be purchased on the festival website or CCA Winzavod. For children, pensioners and students admission is free. Preferential discounts also apply.


Ideologist of the festival: Igor Shulinsky, journalist, writer, publisher of the Moskvich Mag online publication, teacher of the Media and Design profile at the HSE School of Design. 

Festival Producer and Director: Alsu Khairutdinova, winner of more than fifty international awards for completed projects in the field of event marketing, the only winner in Russia of the Grand Prix of the Cannes Lions International Festival; in the “Innovations” nomination, director of the KOSMOS TEAM agency. 

Festival and business program curator: Alina Saprykina, executive director of the Sergiev Posad Museum-Reserve, ex-director of the Museum of Moscow and head of the City Museums Section of the Union of Museums of Russia, before that art director of the Artplay design center, the first cluster of creative industries in Moscow and Russia. Curator and organizer of more than 100 exhibitions and events, museum expert. Member of ICOM, member of CAMOC, member of RIO.  Lecturer, Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov

The curator of the exhibition “Revision: History”: Alexandra Sankova, design historian, founder and director of the Moscow Design Museum — the only museum in Russia dedicated to design. Author of numerous publications and film projects on the history of Russian design. Curator of the Russian exhibition at the First London Design Biennale, awarded the Grand Prix. Winner of the award “For a special contribution to the development of design in Russia”. Member of the Russian Union of Designers, International Union of Designers, ICOM, ICO-D (INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF DESIGN). 

Curator of the exhibition “Revision: Present”: Elena Panteleeva, Development Director of the National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB. Head of the Master's Program “Industrial Design and Engineering” NUST MISiS.

Chief artist: Dmitry Muchnik, production designer, set designer. Creator of design and visual image of various events, TV projects, ceremonies and concert programs in Russia and abroad. Member of the International Union of Designers.


The first international festival DESIGN ACT took place in Moscow in 2006. His main idea was the desire to demonstrate the global trends of modern industrial design and to acquaint compatriots with the world's leading names in this field. From 2006 to 2012, DESIGN ACT turned from a narrow-profile festival into an ambitious project, the goal of which is — solving the most important problems of the Russian economy, increasing interest in industrial design, including among the younger generation.  

Over the six years of its existence, more than 500 Russian and Western designers have taken part in the festival, more than 100 exhibitions have been organized and more than 70 lectures have been held. 

Partners and friends of the project in various years were: the Government of Moscow, the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Spain, Israel, the Polish Cultural Center, Jetro — a government organization for the promotion and development of foreign trade in Japan, the Mondriaan Foundation, which provides support for contemporary art and design projects, as well as Academia Rossica, a Russian-British independent cultural organization representing contemporary Russian culture in the UK, and many others. 

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