Jean Nouvel: a winery for a Russian philanthropist


Famous architect Jean Nouvel designed a wine estate in France. The customer is the founder of the Art Russe Foundation Andrey Filatov. An unexpected question – what does Yuri Gagarin have to do with it? /98f9192f7cac08106e9d0aff527f3f1c.jpg” />Jean Nouvel built a winery for a Russian businessman (photo 0)The ancient estate of Chateau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs in Saint-Emilion was founded in 1885, in 2013 it was bought by entrepreneur Andrei Filatov. The renovation project of the Chateau was made by the winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Jean Nouvel.

“I'm a hedonist! And I believe that the main purpose of architecture is to give pleasure! In this sense, architecture and wine are very similar.” Jean Nouvel.

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Jean Nouvel created an architectural complex of five buildings. The layout of the buildings recreates a traditional farmyard. “The buildings are not similar to each other, everything is like on an ordinary farm, where there is a hangar, a workshop, a barn, a stable,” the architect explains. “This is a kind of collection of buildings, where each has a specific function.” For example, the building in the center is called “Chan” and it is no coincidence that it has a cylindrical shape, which allows you to optimize the work of the winery during the grape harvest. But the question is – what does Yuri Gagarin have to do with it? Yes, yes, it is his face that breaks into a smile over the mirror surfaces of wine tanks!

Jean Nouvel built a winery for a Russian businessman (photo 2)Inside the “Vat” the architect Jean Nouvel made a self-leveling floor with a stretched reproduction of Anatoly Gankevich's mosaic “Gagarin. With God!”. The same work adorns the bottle labels of Saint Emilion Grand Cru along with other paintings by Russian artists.

The owner of the winery is Andrey Filatov, a businessman, philanthropist, collector, founder of the Art Russe foundation, whose collection includes about 400 works of Russian painting and sculpture from the period from 1917 to 1991. Part of the collection is exhibited at the Art Russe Gallery in the Bewley Museum Complex in the UK. So, about Gagarin. As conceived by Andrey Filatov, paintings by Russian and Soviet artists since 2014 can be seen not only in the museum, but also on the labels of the Château La Grace Dieu de Prieur wine. The bottles adorn “Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom” by Ilya Repin, “Again Deuce” by Fyodor Reshetnikov, “The Swan Princess” by Mikhail Vrubel, “Gagarin. With God!” Anatoly Gankevich. Jean Nouvel liked the latter so much that he transferred her image to the floor in the interior of Chan. The face of an astronaut floating in weightlessness repeatedly reflected in steel tanks creates a dizzying effect in every sense.

Jean Nouvel built a winery for a Russian philanthropist (photo 8)The building called “Belvedere” in the eastern part of the courtyard received its named after the panoramic rooftop terrace. This is a typical example of French rural architecture. The imposing building is covered with vegetation on three sides and surrounded by vineyards.

“I hope that the union of Art Russe and Saint Emilion Grand Cru will create synergy to popularize Russian painting,” the owner explains his idea.

“The Chan building is made of concrete, it allows you to maintain a constant temperature in the rooms, which is important for the production process,” says the architect. — To finish the facade, they chose non-corrosive aluminum and, using the serigraphy method, put on it photos of real people who create wine. They are creating, I did not make a reservation. In the place where I come from, which is not far from here, the production of wine is equated with art.

Jean Nouvel built a winery for a Russian businessman (photo 6)View from the roof of the “Chan” on the “Girondins” – classic the Bordeaux house, which was carefully restored and made the center of a new architectural ensemble.Jean Nouvel built a winery for a Russian philanthropist (photo 11)

“When starting to work on a project, the first thing I do is to find out all the facts — what is allowed, what is forbidden, what the client’s wishes are,” says Jean Nouvel. “And when I receive all the information, I begin to synthesize facts through my own philosophical reflections. I usually work in bed in the morning, in the dark, in silence. The creative process for me is something akin to fishing. Suddenly, some images, forms emerge from the darkness…”

The work of Jean Nouvel allowed to rethink the architectonics of traditional wine-making chateaus. The large-scale reconstruction was subordinated to the task of preserving the historical character of the place, making it more modern through the introduction of advanced technologies and materials. “The project was implemented in a historical site protected by UNESCO, therefore, along with elements of modernism, it reflects the cultural traditions of Saint-Emilion,” says Jean Nouvel. — Architecture does not exist by itself, it is not created from nothing. It is produced from the relationships that the architect builds with the environment and with the customer. At Andrey's request, I tried to pay tribute to the art of French winemakers and Russian culture through architecture. Andrey collects art and I hope I created a worthy piece for his collection.”

Jean Nouvel built a winery for a Russian philanthropist (photo 10)On the left side of the complex, a building called “Ombrel” is a farm structure, a graceful sloping roof, installed directly above the vineyards. This is where bottles are labeled and boxed and tastings are held.Jean Nouvel built a winery for a Russian philanthropist (photo 16)“Fort” – a building very characteristic of the 19th century, stands right in the middle of the vineyard, echoing the main part of the ensemble. This is a small castle adapted for organizing receptions, meetings with artists and holding exhibitions. The huge glass greenhouse looks like a chapel with bells on the roof and impressionist frescoes of light and glass inside. content/uploads/2022/09/a0c4ea8427ae712040597c8a9eeba6d0.jpg” width=”728″ height=”485″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Jean Nouvel built a winery for a Russian philanthropist (photo 14)” /> Andrey Filatov's vineyards occupy 9 hectares and are located on several plots. In total, at least 60,000 vines are grown on them, which makes it possible to produce 35,000 bottles of wine annually. span>

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