Kalil House: Frank Lloyd Wright's most unknown home


One of Frank Lloyd Wright's lesser known projects is up for sale for the first time for $ 850,000

In 1955, impressed by their friends' residence, the Zimmermans, Toufic H. Kalil and his wife Mildred Kalil commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design a new home for them in New Hampshire. The mansion still belongs to the family, who put it up for sale for $ 850,000.

The house was built according to Frank Lloyd Wright's own method & nbsp; – Usonian Automatic Building System (UABS), & nbsp; – which involved the use of prefabricated brick blocks. The architect originally hoped that homeowners could build on their own with UABS, hence the word automatic in the name. However, each block weighed almost a hundred kilograms, so contractors were indispensable.


The construction of the Kalilov house took about 4,800 individually cast rectangular blocks. On an area of ​​130 square meters, there is a kitchen-living room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a small separate studio in the backyard. The residence has remained largely unchanged since it was built, with original furniture, mahogany wall panels and red painted concrete floors. “This house was sort of their Shangri-La, & nbsp;” says Steve Kalil, nephew of Dr. and Mrs. Kalil. & Nbsp; “This is a very special house. The decision to sell it was not easy at all. My siblings and I have made every effort to keep it in its original condition. “

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