Kengo Kuma covered the facades of the building with aluminum gratings


In Yokohama, in the immediate vicinity of the east exit of the central station, the construction of a commercial building designed by the bureau Kengo Kuma and Associates has been completed. Despite the modest total area of ​​just under 1,500 sq. m, the object turned out to be very noticeable in the urban space.

The project is mainly devoted to gastronomy and therefore was named “Delis Yokohama” … “Delis”, in fact, is translated as “grocery store”, and the areas in the new seven-story center are indeed rented for the most part by restaurants, cafes and themed trading companies. The declared goal is to draw attention to the street culture of the historic city.

850 lattice volumetric aluminum panels are installed on the facades of the building. By playing with sizes and weaving patterns, they form a semblance of a living, vibrating mosaic. Evening lighting further enhances this effect, which the architects themselves call “noise”.

Another significant and rather unusual element was a series of open external stairs at the narrow end of the building. Starting practically from the entrance, the spans reach the very top, uniting all the floors. This obvious reference to the construction of temporary outdoor pavilions is also a very important part of the overall concept.

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