Kingdoms under the mountain: a new boom in interest in bunkers


We know they are there, but not always where. The very concept of a bunker as a shelter shrouds its builders and owners in a halo of mystery. However, one thing is clear: the powers that be know where to hide in case of danger

Kingdoms under the mountain: a new boom in interest in bunkersStill from the film Underground by Emir Kusturica (1995).

Bunkers began to be built in the 1940s – for obvious reasons. Immediately after Pearl Harbor, for example, two were dug under the White House at once: one larger, with 10 rooms that could accommodate all administration employees, and one smaller – to ensure the safety of the president under any circumstances. It was in it – the Presidential Center for Emergency Operations – that Donald Trump was hiding during the BLM unrest in 2020. However, this is not accurate: some say that at the beginning of the presidency, he preferred to build a new bunker with all the amenities, and the old one turned out to be simply the most famous in popular culture – he was portrayed in the series “House of Cards” and the movie “Olympus Has Fallen”.

Under the Mountain Kingdoms: New Bunker BoomUnder the Mountain Kingdoms: New Bunker BoomSuggested view of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center and scene from Olympus Has Fallen, much of which is set in it

The next bunker-building boom came in the 1960s—the Cuban Missile Crisis forced all governments to think about what to do if the scenario of nuclear war became relevant again. It was at this time, for example, that a bunker was built under the Pentagon, capable of withstanding a direct blow, and the coal cellar of Windsor Castle was converted in such a way that the royal family felt safe.

Kingdoms under the mountain: a new boom in interest in bunkersThe interior of the yacht “Britain”; evacuation and staying on it is one of the scenarios for saving the British royal family

They say that in 1992 the same bunker burned down, and now plan A to protect the queen, her family and the prime minister is evacuation on the royal yacht “Britain” , and governments in a bunker under Box Hill near Bath.

Kingdoms under the mountain: a new boom in interest in bunkersThey say that under Yamantau – the highest point of the Southern Urals – there is a huge bunker built under the direct supervision of the president

The next boom in the construction of bunkers came in 2016, and it is associated with the coming to power of Trump. This time around, the bunker design specialists have been commissioned by private individuals – demand is said to have increased by 300 percent! Among those who have built their underground residences in case of unforeseen circumstances are James Cameron and Jeff Bezos, Kim Kardashian and Bill Gates, Silicon Valley IT specialists and ordinary people who turn basements and wine cellars into food warehouses.

Kingdoms under the mountain: a new boom in interest in bunkersBunker sauna by Kim Kardashian, project by ABIBOO studio jpg” width=”728″ height=”1092″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Steampunk wine cellar in Vilnius (photo 5.1)” />Wine cellar in Lithuania on the site of former military bunkers. If necessary, it easily turns back into a bunker.

Of course, there are bunkers in Russia too. One of them is located at a depth of 300 meters under the Kremlin, the second is not far from Moscow State University, and both of them are connected by an underground railway to the Vnukovo airport. The date of their construction is unknown, but it seems that during the Soviet Union.

The most famous object, which has now been turned into an underground museum, is Bunker-42 (ChZ-293, GO-42). Its construction began in 1950 by order of Stalin and was carried out by the best specialists of the Metrostroy department. The design of the structure and the depth of 65 meters were chosen based on the results of nuclear tests conducted by the USSR in 1949. In the event of a nuclear attack, the facility was supposed to become a safe place to hide for the first persons of the Soviet Union. content/uploads/2022/05/cc0be6b5c2e1b06eeefe21a5069da1be.jpg” width=”728″ height=”455″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Kingdoms Under the Mountain: New Boom interest in bunkers” />The Bunker-42 object has now been turned into an underground museum. You can come here for a tour.

The place for construction – the Tagansky Hill area – was not chosen by chance: the bunker was supposed to be located in close proximity to the Moscow Kremlin so that Stalin and the government could quickly get to it and manage the state and the army in a nuclear war. For three decades, until 1986, strategic bombers carrying nuclear weapons were commanded from this bunker. =”1280″ height=”800″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-top” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ />+1

And although the 2000s were fairly quiet, the craze for building bunkers did not stop in this century. The people also have information about Vladimir Putin's personal project in the Urals. They say that under Mount Yamantau there is a whole underground city with all amenities, where you can hide for at least three years. Kingdoms Under the Mountain: A new boom in interest in bunkersPresumably, this is what the president's bunker looks like.

In addition to the state and private bunkers, there is another option – renting a saving location. Among such proposals, for example, is the luxurious Vivos Europa One. Premium bunker specialist Vivos has converted a former armory in Germany into 34 luxury underground residences for rent or purchase.

Kingdoms Under the Mountain: New Bunker BoomVivos Europa One Residential Bunker Plan.Kingdoms Under the Mountain: A New Boom of Interest in BunkersDining in the Vivos Europa One Bunker.

Of course, the new surge of interest in this topic is a worrying marker, but fortunately, most of the bunkers built over 80 years, were not useful to their owners. Hopefully this will continue.

Kingdoms under the mountain: a new boom in interest in bunkersThe underground city of Zion from the trilogy of the Wachowski brothers “The Matrix”.

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