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Our YouTube channel Lazy and Crazy Sports is dedicated to the best and most popular sports in the world-football and cricket.
A small historical reference:

Football is a team sport in which the goal is to score the ball into the opponent’s goal with your feet or other body parts (other than your hands) more times than the opponent’s team. It is currently the most popular and popular sport in the world.

Cricket is a team non-contact sport that is part of a family of games that use a bat and a ball. Cricket originated in the XVI century in the south of England. By the end of the XVIII century, the game became one of the national sports. The expansion of the British Empire contributed to the spread of the game around the world. The first test matches between national teams were held in the middle of the XIX century. A cricket match involves a competition between two teams, each of which is represented by eleven athletes. The game takes place on a grass field that has the shape of an ellipse. In the center of the field is a rectangular ground pitch. The pitch is 22 yards or just over 20 meters long and 10 feet or 3 meters wide. At the ends of the pitch are wooden wickets. The playing areas at the ends of the pitch are separated from its main space by special strips, creases

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