Lectures at the G.S. Stroganov: The art of made in Italy


Italian Traditions in Architecture and Interior Design

G.S. Stroganov together with the representation of W.W.T.S. from February 16 to April 22, 2022 organizes 7 meetings with Italian companies – manufacturers of unique handicraft and industrial products. Among them are Barovier&Toso, Bevilaqua Marmi, Cappoferri, Emmemobili, Friul Mosaic, Luigi Bevilacqua. =”Lectures at the G.S. Stroganov Academy: The art of made in Italy” />

Italian architects and designers. The events will take the form of lectures. The first one will take place on February 16, 2022 at 15:00 at Volokolamsk Highway 9. The topic of the lecture is “Italian Art and Architecture in the Modern World”. The lecturer is Elisabetta Fabri, a Venetian architect with 20 years of experience. Among her projects are restoration work in the most famous opera houses in Italy: La Scala in Milan, La Fenice in Venice, as well as Petruzzelli (Bari), San Carlo (Naples).

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