Library in Cyprus designed by Jean Nouvel


The Jean Nouvel Learning Center and Library completed at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia

Vibrant library designed by Jean Nouvel (photo 0)

This bright blue-green building in Nicosia is the new building of the Stelios Ioannou Learning Resource Center at the University of Cyprus, designed by architect Jean Nouvel (Jean novel).

The center bears the name of a young Cypriot entrepreneur, Stelios Hadji-Ioannou (the owner of EasyJet and other large businesses, who is called the second Richard Branson in Europe), and looks no less innovative: from the outside, the building resembles a green hill rising among Cypriot sun-scorched fields.

And really working on the architectural appearance of the Center, Jean Nouvel drew inspiration from the surrounding landscape and tried to fit it into the environment and relief as much as possible.

A bright library designed by Jean Nouvel (photo 3)

The building has four floors, which housed a library, an information center, an educational technology center and a center for studying foreign languages. Outside, the structure is entirely covered with a blue-green translucent material that transmits light well, but reflects the hot rays of the sun. There is a garden on the flat roof, which maximizes the resemblance to a real hill.

A bright library designed by Jean Nouvel (Photo 5)Vibrant library designed by Jean Nouvel (photo 6)

“The teaching and research center is a kind of hybrid of natural landscape and man-made environment,” say the architects of Nouvel's studio about this project. “The plants, bushes and trees around the building and on its roof have been carefully selected from among the flora of the island.”

Vivid library designed by Jean Nouvel (photo 8)A bright library designed by Jean Nouvel (photo 9)

The main role inside the building is given to the impressive library of 12,000 square meters and its storage, which contains 620,000 publications. 900 workplaces are organized around a round atrium, in the center of which there is a white column, resting with its “spire” on the majestic dome. On the top floor under the dome is a spacious study area with panoramic views.

Vibrant library designed by Jean Nouvel (photo 11)A bright library designed by Jean Nouvel (photo 12)

The University Training Center is Atelier Jean Nouvel's second major project in Nicosia, after a 67-meter residential complex built in the capital of Cyprus in 2016. ” width=”1880″ height=”1278″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-top” data-v-0571743d=”1″ />+5

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