Macron and Putin discuss Libyan crisis in videoconference meeting


AP Photo/Michel Euler, Pool

French President Emmanuel Macron “is confident” France can “move forward” with Russia on a number of subjects, including the Libyan crisis, a presidential source told AFP on Friday after a videoconference interview between Macron and Vladimir Putin.

The two heads of state held a two hour video conference to follow up on a previous August 2019 meeting. They notably spoke about the crisis in Libya.

Libya has been plagued by violence and power struggles since the fall of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Macon expressed concerns about Turkey’s increasing presence in Libya, a presidential source said.

Russia, France and several other countries back forces led by Khalifa Haftar who is fighting the UN supported government in Tripoli, which is backed mainly by Turkey.

Putin replied that the countries would work together to establish a ceasefire on the basis of the current military situation.

The two leaders also spoke about Syria and Ukraine. The French leader expressed concern about the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

“The President of the Republic stressed his attachment to their dialogue which has only [become more relevant] as the restructuring of the world power balance accelerates due to the pandemic,” the Elysée Palace said in a press release published after the meeting.

According to the Kremlin website which published extracts from the interview, the Russian president said to Macron: “I know [you seek to have us] work together on many of these subjects. We will support your proposals in all possible ways. “


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