MAD Architects: Haikou Library Project


MAD architects designed a new two-story library entirely cast in concrete

MAD Architects presented a design for a new public space currently under construction at Century Park in the coastal city of Haikou. The curved white building will be divided into two parts by a spacious foyer, one for the library and the other for technical rooms, bathrooms and a bicycle parking.

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The library will be organized around a two-story reading room with a capacity of 10,000 books. The cafe, reception area, administration offices and the VIP room will be located on the first level, while the children's literature section, which resembles a tunnel, and a room overlooking the sea will be located above.

concrete using CNC-cut and 3D-printed formwork. Circular holes will be cut in the ceilings so that there is enough light in the rooms. As conceived by the authors, all windows and doors are sliding. They can be opened all at once to let in the salty sea air.

The structure will be crowned with a roof terrace overlooking the South China Sea, and a pool and white sand beach are planned on either side of the building.

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