Maldives will reach for “Ocean Skies”


The Indonesian architectural bureau CAA Architects won the international competition for the reconstruction of the economic zone of the airport in the capital of the Maldives, Male. All buildings that appear here will be raised above the water so that concrete and iron piles do not destroy the unique ecosystem of the world's largest coral archipelago.

The CAA Architects project called “Ocean Skies” is designed to save the Maldives from possible death – according to scientists, in the coming decades, the island may be completely submerged due to melting glaciers and rising sea levels. According to the UN, about 40% of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming are emitted from large buildings. That is why the architects tried to preserve the fragile ecosystem of the Maldives by abandoning large-scale construction.

On the coastal area of ​​100 thousand sq. It is planned to build all the necessary infrastructure for the airport – a transport hub for road and water transport, an aviation service center, an international trade center, conference rooms, as well as retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, hotels and cultural facilities.

In addition, the authors of the project propose to use environmentally friendly materials and renewable energy of wind and sun, which will provide up to 70% of the total energy consumption of the Maldives. And the rainwater collection and purification system will help solve the problem of the shortage of drinking water in the archipelago.

The construction of “Ocean Skies” is designed in two stages and starts in 2021.

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