Marijuana farm in Catalonia


Margot Krasojević Architecture has developed an ecological project for a farm and greenhouse for growing medical marijuana

When it comes to legalizing marijuana, Catalonia is one of the most advanced areas in Europe. Discussions of this topic at the legislative level have been held here since 2005. Today in Catalonia, cannabis is allowed for therapeutic purposes and there are quite legal clubs, whose registered members can officially grow, use and distribute “weed”.

A project by designer Margot Krasojević near Barcelona is an innovative medical marijuana greenhouse. It is based on the ideas of sustainable development, including the use in construction of smart “carbon-free” biocomposite materials based on hemp, the plantations of which are located around the building.

For the main building, Margot Krasojević Architecture bureau proposed to use bone concrete – an organic material made from hemp fire and lime, which is superior in strength to ordinary concrete, has high sound insulation, holds heat well, perfectly tolerates moisture and temperature extremes and at the same time it is 100% environmentally friendly. Also involved in the construction are bioplastics produced on the basis of hemp waste from local plantations.

The building is equipped with an irrigation system that uses for irrigation of crops, filtered rainwater, a special inflatable ventilated structure, which maintains a constant microclimate for each of the three phases of marijuana growth, and solar panels.

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