ME Dubai hotel designed by Zaha Hadid in Dubai


ME Dubai boasts not only an unusual façade designed by Zaha Hadid, but also interiors with curved white balconies and Zaha Hadid Design furniture

The Opus glass building, located in Dubai's Burj Khalifa, houses offices, restaurants, apartments and ME Dubai. which opened its doors in March 2020. ME Dubai is the only hotel in the world entirely designed by Zaha Hadid.

ME Dubai has 74 rooms and 19 suites. The lobby area is flanked by three floors of overhanging balconies. The white marble floor is emphasized by the golden edges of the sofa areas designed by the famous architect.

The reception area is delineated by a golden wall with curved lines extending upwards to the balconies, which are lined with Petalinas benches with dark blue cushions, also from the Zaha Hadid Design collection.

Each room has a mattress bed set on a sculptural frame protruding from the wall. Bathrooms feature sinks and showers from the 2015 Vitae collection by Zaha Hadid for Noken Porcelanosa.

None of the rooms have plastic. The hotel staff leaves metal bottles for each guest, which can be filled in dispensers scattered throughout the building. ME Dubai ditched the buffet system to reduce waste.

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