Mecanoo to build a lighthouse pixel tower in China


The Dutch architectural bureau Mecanoo together with the Chinese company Huasen Architects have developed a project for a data center, which is planned to be built in the Qianhai Special Economic Development Zone in Shenzhen. The building, which the architects compare to a lighthouse, is a 113-meter opaque tower set on a massive stylobate – it will house offices, commercial and service premises.

The base of the tower resembles asymmetrically folded dominoes – each level is supposed equip “pocket” terraces by planting trees there, and organize recreation areas for data center employees. The upper floors will take up storage space.

Data center building with an area of ​​63 thousand square meters. m will symbolize the innovative nature of the new district, which today attracts leading technology, financial and venture capital companies.

The tower, designed by Mecanoo, is covered with multiple concrete panels measuring 3.2×1.8 meters. Each will be decorated with a “pixel” grid. A multitude of pixels form a traditional Chinese-style cloud image at the top of the building. And the light bulbs mounted in the panels will illuminate the facades at night, turning them into a bright digital display on which images of flowers and animals will be displayed.

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