Media group “Russia Today” has updated its corporate identity


The main element of the logo composition is the globe. This reflects the fact that the Moscow-based media group operates worldwide, has correspondents in 125 cities, and websites in 32 languages. But now the globe on the logo has moved to the left, and the name Russia Today became visually indivisible, thanks to which a logical order of elements was built. & nbsp;

logo media group Russia Today

The designers of Russia Today have modernized it logo, color palette, fonts and pattern

In addition, the descriptor “ International Media Group '' has been added to the logo, which indicates what “ Russia Today '' is. is at the present stage of development. Now the media group includes more than ten media outlets, including the leading news agencies RIA Novosti and Sputnik, websites in dozens of languages, the most cited radio in the country, thematic resources that occupy leading positions in their fields. In addition, Russia Today unites popular accounts and groups in all major social networks, press centers around the world, podcasts, immersive projects.

Russia Today media group

One of the important stages of the restyling was the replacement of the font in the logo design. Laconic geometric sans-serif & mdash; one of the main trends in modern corporate design. The new typeface is clean and crisp and makes communication clear and strong. It also rhymes well with the globe sign due to its rounded shape.

The Golos font will be used as the corporate font. It was developed by Russian designers in 2019 and is well suited for reading long texts from the screen. The character of the font matches the tone chosen by the media group for communicating with the audience.

'Russia Today' 'font Golos /> </p>
<p>Signature colors have become cleaner, darker and fuller. The new pattern demonstrates the diversity of the brand portfolio of the Russia Today media group. In the shapes of the figures, you can see simplified elements of the logos of RIA Novosti, the agency and radio Sputnik, the economic information agency PRIME and other media. The pattern is also designed for use in a digital environment in the form of an animated background. </p>
<p>Together with the renewal of the corporate identity, a new corporate website for Russia Today was launched. It has become more modern, contains information about all media of the media group, its history, projects and commercial products. Versions in Russian and English are already available, and a Chinese version will appear in the near future. </p>
<p> “ Our media group has a rich history, we have been releasing news for 80 years, and all this time we have not stood still. We have changed, adapted to new conditions, formats, standards, and often set new trends. Naturally, our names, image and style have undergone changes. Today it is very important for us to speak the same language with the audience, to be understandable and open. Visual style update & mdash; one of the important steps in this direction '', & ndash; noted the head of the directorate of media design “ Russia Today '' Denis Zolotarev. </p>
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“Russia today”; & mdash; an international media group whose mission is to provide prompt and balanced coverage of world events, informing the audience about different views on key events. & nbsp;

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