Mexican 100 Peso banknote design named Best of 2020


Every year the International Banking Society awards the Best Banknote of the Year award, and the jury selects the best and most original banknote. The latest competition was attended by over 100 new banknotes from different countries, which were created during 2020, but of these, only 24 were nominated for their innovative design. And only the Mexican 100 peso banknote won with an overwhelming majority.

Bank of Mexico both prints banknotes and is also the issuer of this banknote, which is part of the bank's current G series, introduced in 2018. Shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic, the Bank of Mexico opened a production line at a new plant in Jalisco, where the banknote was printed. The new production facilities of the bank are equipped with equipment with the latest technologies in the field of security.

The banknote is in a vertical format, printed on resin, and features the sister of Juana Ines de la Cruz, a Mexican poet and writer. Contemporaries called her the Tenth Muse. (or 'Castilian muse') and 'Mexican phoenix'.

The reverse depicts the Monarch Butterfly Temple in Michoacan, a nature reserve that was created to protect the natural habitat of monarch butterflies and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

 Mexico New Bill Design

All award-winning banknotes are already on sale to collectors and have a value, which is twice their real value.

This Mexican 100 Peso banknote was voted the best in the world by the International Banknote Community in 2020, thanks in large part to the design reflecting some of Mexico's historical and cultural characteristics with new graphic touches.

At the same time, the jury also emphasized that the design avoided controversy over symbolism and chose neutral images and an important female figure. In addition, the jury also made a special mention of the primary red color used in printing the banknote.

New Mexican 100 Peso Note Design

But the design of the banknote received an award not only for its visual characteristics, but also for improved protective functions, the use of a polymer base, which is currently a priority in the development of new banknotes. The banknote is designed in a vertical format and printed on resin, a material that prevents counterfeiting and is considered the best for making banknotes. In addition, the bill has a convenient size that contributes to ease of use.

This is the first time that Mexico has received this award and in recognition they will have the opportunity to show the rest of the countries the template with which the banknote was designed so that other banks can observe the procedure that they have implemented in the printing house in Jalisco and so that other countries can adopt. experience and could consider some ideas for their future projects.

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Almost from the beginning, the new Mexican polymer 100 Peso note dominated the voting world, followed by the Scottish Royal Bank of Scotland £ 20 (Keith Cranston Tea Room/Squirrels).

The second place was taken by the 20-pound banknote of the Bank of Scotland. The design of this bill also relied on the female figure, as in the main part you can see the face of Kate Cranston, a prominent figure in the development of tea rooms, accompanied by her famous tea house. The reverse depicts two squirrels, a very common animal in this country.

Bank of Scotland's new banknote design

In the fight for third place, there was a draw between the Ulster Bank of Northern Ireland (20 pounds flora/street musicians), the Bahamas ($ 5 statesman/jankanu dancer) and Fiji ($ 50 50th Anniversary of Independence).

New design of UlsterBank banknote

 Bahamas banknote design

Fiji banknote design

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