Milan palaces to visit during iSaloni 2017


During the days of the exhibition, Milan palazzo, many of which cannot be reached at normal times, open their doors to visitors and turn into exhibition grounds

An exhibition of Louis Vuitton Objects Nomades has opened at Palazzo Bocconi. Designed in collaboration with renowned designers and limited edition, the Louis Vuitton travel collection has been around since 2012. This year, 10 new objects have appeared in it. Palazzo Bocconi was built in the 18th century by the architect G. Piermarini – the author of the first project of the Teatro alla Scala.

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The history of Palazzo Crespi dates back to the early twentieth century. It was built between 1928 and 1932 by order of the Piero Portalupi Crespi family, a dynasty of Milan textile entrepreneurs. A textile factory was located in this building about a century ago. This week two installations at once attract attention to this building: the art project of Giuseppe Veneziano White Slave – which was not without design classics, the famous Panton Chair by Vitra and the exhibition Atelier Swarovski Home, where among the antique furniture and paintings were placed objects from Swarowski home furnishings lines designed by famous designers – Barbara Berry, Tord Bontier. The designers themselves can also be found there.

Giureconsulti Palace also known as Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti or simply Palazzo Affari – a 16th century building. It is located in Piazza Mercanti, the former center of the city during the Middle Ages.
The construction of the palace began in 1562 by the architect Vincenzo Sereni. The palace was replaced by an older one (XIII century), which was demolished. The former Napo Torriani tower has been preserved and adapted to the new architecture. And the bell tower was replaced by a clock. The building originally served as the seat of the College of Noble Doctors, a school for aspiring politicians and lawyers. At the beginning of the 20th century, the building became the property of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The palace was severely damaged by the bombing of World War II, but was completely rebuilt in the 1980s by Gianni Mesonotte, who is also responsible for the design of Palazzo Mesonotte, the main building of the Piazza Affari (seat of the Italian stock exchange located in the same area). From year to year, during the iSaloni exhibition, WWTS opens an exposition here under the name Casa WWTS – a collection of new products from Italian factories that it presents.

The dawn of Pallazzo Serbelloni came at the end of the 18th century. The palazzo played a significant role in political life: in 1796 Napoleon and his wife lived here (before he received the Royal Villa as a gift), in 1838 Metternich, in 1859 Victor Emmanuel and his great friend Napoleon III.

This week you can see an installation by Jaime Aion for the Caesarstone brand. The name speaks for itself – Stone Age Folk – Stone Age folklore.

And for dessert – the Pratesi art project. For the luxury textile manufacturer Pratesi, the installations have been created by various artists and designers.

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