Minimalism style in the interior of the apartment


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Minimalist style - living room in black and white

The interior of the apartment & # 8212; minimalism, style basics

There is such a trend in art as minimalism. It appeared in design, music, architecture, painting, etc. We want to consider in detail how this unusual style can be applied in the interior design of an apartment. So: minimalism in interior design.

This is a pretty practical style that became popular at the end of the last century. In minimalism, only the necessary pieces of furniture and decor are used. Interior space and lighting design plays the most important role here.

The main goal of minimalism is to create a seamless interior that will be one with the surrounding world, using only the necessary design elements.

 Minimalism style - living room interior design This direction is the direct opposite of the common idea of ​​beauty and convenience. There is no room for luxury in the usual sense, this style does not accept all kinds of decorations and embellishments.

 Minimalism style - bedroom in black and white Minimalism is based on the theory of constructivism … If the interior in this style is done correctly, then it can immerse you in an atmosphere of peace and quiet.

The minimalist interior is well suited for punctual and business people accustomed to a strict office environment that are not often at home.

 Minimalism style - combined kitchen and dining room Originally, this style originated in Japan. This was facilitated by the culture of the country, its traditions. Everything in the interior of Japanese minimalism strives for simplicity and naturalness. The materials used were stone, wood, paper, and fabrics. There was practically no furniture, since its surplus, in the opinion of style adherents, did not allow creating an atmosphere of spaciousness and freedom in the room.

It was the culture of Japan that gave free spaces to the West , simple shapes. Minimalism, as if calling for contemplation of the environment, soon gained popularity among Europeans.

Features of the style of minimalism

Like any other direction, minimalism has its own distinctive features.

  • Monotonous palette, space zoning with contrasting colors.
  • Simplicity of geometric shapes, devoid of any decor.
  • Minimum amount of furniture and other interior items.
  • High functionality.
  • Lighting is usually multi-level, zoned.
  • Large windows (maybe even on the whole wall) that unite the inner space and the outside world.
  • A minimum of walls and partitions.
  • The compositions are as expressive and laconic as possible.
  • Natural finishing materials that may not even be processed, retaining their natural texture.
  • The colors used are all sorts of shades from white to gray, pure calm tones, wood color, shine of metal. Color contrasts are encouraged. The interior must have a maximum of 3 colors.
  • The emphasis is on the essentials in the interior.

Minimalist furniture and furnishings

As for furniture, it should be as functional as possible. All items must have regular geometric shapes. It is especially important to choose the right upholstered furniture. It is necessarily monochromatic, the shape is closer to cubic. Beds are most often chosen on platforms. In general, furniture should have a strict and restrained look.

Materials, as mentioned above, should ideally be of natural origin. For example: stone, wood, metal, brick. Artificial glass and plastic can be used.

With regard to flooring, we can say that parquet and laminate in light colors are most often used, but other modern coatings, from tiles to self-leveling floors, are quite appropriate. The main thing is that the color is dull and monotonous.

It is worth noting that, despite the simplicity of this design, not everyone can afford the cost of arranging their home in this style, since we do not yet have mass production of finishing materials and furniture suitable for this style.

So, if in Europe the interior in the style of minimalism has managed to gain popularity, then in Russia while the situation is different. So far, the Russian people, due to their mentality, are not ready to make such drastic changes. After all, minimalism is, first of all, a rejection of luxury and unnecessary amenities. And we have not yet arrived at the everyday modesty accepted in Europe.

But if you are interested in the minimalism style and you plan to decorate the interior of a separate room, apartment or house in it, we recommend read a detailed description of minimalism in our encyclopedia of design styles & # 8212; Minimalist style in the interior: minimum details for maximum comfort

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