Modern chess by a Russian designer


Chess pieces by Russian designer Timofei Zhuravlev have a square cross-section, unlike our usual classical pieces, the proportions of the pieces are verified with the architectural precision. Laconic design, straight lines and at the same time all the figures are quite recognizable.

< p> Timofey Zhuravlev described his concept as 'strict constructivism', hence modularity and minimal decor.

The chessboard can be easily transformed into a checkerboard, which are neatly folded under its upper part in special compartments.

 Modern chess by Russian designer Timofey Zhuravlev

Modern chess by Russian designer Timofey Zhuravlev

Proportions chess pieces and checkers are derived from the basic formula of the aspect ratio of the pieces themselves, straight lines and the diagonals of the playing board.

 Modern chess by Russian designer Timofey Zhuravlev & nbsp;

The material from which the collection is made & shy; & ndash; MDF, and the manufacturing technology guarantees durability.

Timofey's work is an excellent example of restraint and immersion in the origins of Russian design, a modern interpretation of the great heritage. Like Joseph Hartwig almost 100 years ago, back in 1923, he rethought the shape of chess pieces, creating the famous Bauhaus Chess, so Timofey Zhuravlev modernized the classics through the prism of constructivism. & Nbsp;

A set of chess and checkers, which received an extraordinary name “ 10, 16 '' by analogy with the Fibonacci number sequence, it was developed with a deep understanding of the primary task that the designer must solve, which is to find the meaning of the project, and not mindlessly create concepts with illegible shapes.

View Timofey Zhuravlev's project “ ; live is available at the exhibition “ History of Russian Design. Favorites. 1917-2022 '' at the Moscow Design Museum.

Modern chess by Russian designer Timofey Zhuravlev in the Moscow Design Museum

Friends, New Year's holidays are approaching, and if you are thinking about a stylish, unusual and useful gift, then the chess set” 10, 16 ” perfectly suits as a presentation to colleagues, friends, loved ones. You can contact the designer directly through their website:

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