Moogurt Yogurt Packaging Design


Kathy Siu, a graphic design student from Canada, has developed a design concept for a yogurt packaging called Moogurt. The packaging design has generated a lot of interest among users of various social networks and has been positively appreciated in the online design communities.

The packaging design offers several options for combining 6 or 12 jars of yogurt. It should be noted that the packaging for 6 jars looks much more integral, proportional and well thought-out in terms of visual concept, since the design is made in the form of a cow, and two jars of yogurt peeking out from the bottom of the packaging complement and complete the image of the animal. Packaging for 12 jars is far-fetched and, in general, only spoils the impression of this project.

 Packaging for 6 yoghurts
Packaging for 6 yoghurts

12 yogurt packaging
12 yogurt packaging

Designer comment on his project:

Many existing yogurt packaging, especially for children, contains too much unnecessary text or design elements that distract or overwhelm each other friend. This packaging design appeals not only to children, but also to many other consumers who shop in the dairy section of a grocery store. Design & mdash; it is the best way to attract children and other consumers without using multicolor, lots of visuals and text, but still defining the brand and content of the yoghurt.

 Yogurt Packaging Concept

 Yoghurt Packaging Concept

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