Morpheus Hotel: New Project by Zaha Hadid Architects


Morpheus hotel designed by Zaha Hadid has opened in Macau

The Morpheus Hotel, designed by Zaha Hadid, has opened in Macau. Work on the project at Zaha Hadid began in 2012, while the architect was still alive.

According to architects, this is the first in the world “ free-form building ”. The authors sought to rid the building of unnecessary load-bearing walls and columns in order to free up space inside the building. For this, a geometric structure was invented that supports a streamlined glass structure.

The hotel consists of two facades, which are connected by three “bridges”, inside which are the recreation areas and hotel bars. This design has resulted in more city view suites.

Thanks to the external “exoskeleton” inside the building, natural dimming is created, which allows for optimal lighting during the day and protects from heating.

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