Moshe Safdie's apartment in Habitat 67 opened after restoration


Habitat 67 duplex in Montreal was designed by Moshe Safdie in 1966-1967. For the 50th anniversary of the complex, the Safdie Architects studio has carried out a large-scale renovation of the architect's apartment, located on the 10th floor of the legendary building

Habitat 67 residential complex in Montreal, a monument of architecture of brutalism, was built by Moshe Safdie (Moshe Safdie) in 1966-1967 – for the World Expo1 967 “in Montreal. The building consists of 354 concrete cubes, stacked on top of each other, inside which there are 158 apartments. Almost all of them have access to the roof, where there are terraces and green recreation areas.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the legendary building, Safdie Architects studio has carried out a large-scale renovation of Moshe Safdie's apartment, which occupies several blocks in this building. The work went on for almost two years and ended this fall, and the duplex is now open for visits and excursions.

During the restoration, the concrete façade was completely restored, which had suffered for half a century from exposure to the sun, moisture, wind and cold – now the building is fully prepared for the harsh Canadian winters. Inside, wooden floors, doors, partitions, railings were restored, new energy-efficient windows were installed (large windows were planned in the house from the beginning, they offer magnificent views of Montreal and the river, but because of this, it was cold in the apartment in winter, with new glasses this is a problem resolved). The architects also tidied up the kitchen with new built-in appliances and a bathroom.

The duplex has three terraces: two adjacent to the main living room on the ground floor, and one to the bedroom on the upper floor. All of them have wood flooring and are separated from the living spaces by sliding doors that go straight into the wall.

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