Museum of the History of Porcelain in China


Jingdezhen is the porcelain capital of China, porcelain has been produced here for over 1700 years. Recently, a new museum dedicated to this craft appeared in the city center, which is located on the ruins of an old imperial furnace

New museum The complex, on which the Chinese studio Zhu-Pei worked, stands in the historic district, on the east side of the ruins of an ancient imperial oven. There is a park with walking paths nearby, from which visitors can get directly to the main foyer of the museum.

The museum consists of several cylindrical brick buildings of different lengths and sizes, which resemble traditional ceramic kilns. Some of the ancient ruins are integrated into new buildings, thus maintaining a dialogue between past and present, history and modernity and symbolizing the continuity of craft traditions.

Arched tunnels lead to five courtyards, each dedicated to a different theme: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. & nbsp; These five themes not only reflect the five elements and primary elements of Chinese metaphysics, but are also directly related to the technology of porcelain production.

For the construction of the complex, both new bricks and old bricks were used, which reflects the main idea of ​​the architects: to show the relationship between the past and the present.

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