Nest house in the nature reserve of Namibia


For his first architectural project, designer Porky Hefer used shapes inspired by the dwellings of South African weaver birds

South African designer Porky Hefer used the shape of a bird's nest as the basis for his guest house project in Namibia. Nest at Sossus is located in the Namib Tsaris Conservancy, which covers almost 24,000 hectares between the Zaris and Nubib mountains.

The inspiration for the designer was the constructions of ordinary public weavers & nbsp; – birds that live in southern Africa and are known for their giant nests of unusual shapes, which can accommodate hundreds of individuals at a time. The topic itself has been of interest to Hefer for a long time. The architectural design of the four-room house develops the aesthetics of the designer's earlier work, such as his nest chairs.

“I worked on the idea for three years, adapting forms and materials for specific locations. People were confused about the project, preferring four walls and a roof … but I kept looking, & nbsp; – says Hefer. The unusual concept was eventually approved by the owner of the reserve in Namibia, and this is how Nest at Sossus appeared.

The three-storey guest house is completely autonomous and operates from its own water and electricity sources. Like a weaver's nest, the building resembles a ball with irregularly shaped bulges. Most of the façade is covered with reeds harvested from northern Namibia, which are anchored to a curved steel frame.

Granite was also used in the construction, which imitates the bark of local trees. The walls inside the guest house are also covered with reeds, but a gap is left between them and the outer shell of the house to provide thermal insulation during the colder months. The floors and joinery are made of teak.

Hefer worked with his wife, Yelda Bayraktar (Yelda Bayraktar) and creative consultant Maybe Corpaci.

The project team opted for built-in furniture to further enhance the nest feeling and added a few bright elements that “bring a touch of modernism” & nbsp; – for example, in the living room, the central place was taken by the Chesterfield sofa, upholstered in burgundy leather.

” Zebras sometimes join guests when they watch movies in the open theater & nbsp; – Hefer laughs, & nbsp; – and, surprisingly, local flocks of baboons also became imbued with interest in the house, despite their instincts for destruction. “

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