New airport in Rostov-on-Don


Twelve Architects from London has developed a project for a new transport hub in Rostov-on-Don with a spectacular roof

May 23, 2018New airport in Rostov-on-Don (photo 0 )

The program for the development of the Russian transport system is sweeping across the country. We previously wrote about the new terminal in Perm by Asadov's bureau and the reconstruction of the airport in Novy Urengoy by Twelve Architects. The same London bureau also designed a new transport hub in Rostov-on-Don – Platov Airport.

New airport in Rostov-on-Don (photo 2)

The capacity of the airport is about five million people a year. Architectural bureau Twelve Architects designed the entire complex, including two terminals for international and domestic flights, as well as a hotel. This infrastructure will prove vital to the city in the context of the imminent opening of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Russia from June 14. The first match in Rostov will take place on June 17.

New airport in Rostov-on-Don (photo 4)

The conceptual feature of the Platov airport is a spectacular roof, which consists of a series of arches. As conceived by Twelve Architects, the design refers to the image of a “heavenly bridge” connecting cities and countries. Additional arches can easily be added to expand the airport in the future.

New airport in Rostov-on-Don (photo 6)

Three arches go beyond outside the building, indicating routes for travelers to departures, arrivals, etc. Inside the terminal is divided by an eight-meter gap, which visually indicates domestic and international flights. The wave-like design of the interiors is a reference to the Don River, which flows through the city.

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