New Bugatti branding – to create an incomparable


The brand's new positioning was based on luxury lifestyle as the brand seeks to enter a new era beyond the automotive industry.

“Create the incomparable”: three words form the basis of Bugatti's new corporate identity and corporate design, perfectly capturing its raison d'être as it evolves from iconic hypersports car maker to full-scale hyperluxury brand.

< p>Bugatti Automobiles has been at the forefront of the automotive industry for over 110 years, building the world's most powerful and luxurious vehicles from its location in Molsheim, France. Every car built since Ettore Bugatti's founding in 1909 has been sought after by collectors for comfort, handling, design, technology and reliability. In the 21st century, Bugatti has continued to live up to the legacy of Ettore Bugatti and his son Jean Bugatti with models such as the Veyron, Chiron and coach cars such as the Divo, Centodieci and the unique La Voiture Noire. But as the world changes and industries change, so does Bugatti. The Molsheim-based brand is evolving to move beyond being an exclusive hypersports car manufacturer and becoming a luxury brand with a wider reach. To do this, Bugatti is expanding its portfolio beyond the automotive industry, as well as mastering new technologies in the automotive industry. The new Bugatti branding and corporate design is a key part of this evolution.

Bugatti rebrand

Bugatti rebrand

The international agency Interbrand rebranded Bugatti, paying tribute to the French heritage through the font and color palette. These changes are part of the effort to reposition the luxury car company as a lifestyle brand. According to Bugatti head of marketing Lorenz Nause, one of the main challenges was to explore ways to evolve the look of Bugatti while remaining true to its heritage.

Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Bugatti Automobiles: “We didn't just create a new look. We analyzed where we came from, the historical connection that we actively referred to when reinstalling the brand and Veyron in the 2000s. We assessed how the Chiron has changed the positioning and appeal of the Bugatti brand, how the world has changed over the past ten years. Don't forget, when the Veyron came out, the iPhone didn't exist yet.

The result is a corporate identity design that is bolder, more self-assured, more modern, more progressive and thus much better suited to where Bugatti is today and where Bugatti will be in the future. Two things, however, remain constant throughout; everything that makes Bugatti, — it is a bespoke piece of art and every customer can experience something completely unique, following Ettore Bugatti's motto: “In comparison, it's no longer a Bugatti.”

Bugatti rebrand: font

The new typeface draws inspiration from the original wordmark and the “typographic spirit of France”, — says Interbrand Executive Creative Director Jens Grafen. Using a narrow typeface typically used in all-caps, the sans-serif aims to modernize the brand with a “unique typographical character” that comes across as “delicate, expressive and impactful,” Grefen adds.

Bugatti Rebrand: Brand Typography Story

Bugatti rebrand: color palette

Referring to the history of French motorsport, the new Bugatti blue is based on the traditional French racing blue. It is used as the main shade in the new color palette. According to Grefen, along with the blue color, Interbrand designers decided to use “deep black”; and gray to convey a “bright yet sophisticated and mature tone.” The historic Bugatti “macaron” marque, which has remained relatively untouched since 1909, will continue to be used on all cars. Grefen explains that the EB symbol will also be used as a logo to “identify the brand beyond automotive and to increase flexibility, responsiveness and adaptability.”

Ultimately, the new branding aims to bring out the experience the driver of the Bugatti to the fore and “clearly reflect it in corporate style,” according to Nause. He adds that Bugatti International is expanding into new sectors such as Bugatti Lifestyle. While many of Bugatti's future plans remain under wraps, Naus says customers can expect more “extraordinary brand encounters” like the “ultra-exclusive” Bugatti in the near future. espresso bar that opened at his Mayfair dealership early next month.

Bugatti rebrand

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